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Monday, June 29, 2020

98th Day of Lock Down

Asar 15, Monday

Though the eyes opened at 5 AM, I couldn't leave the bed till 7:45! After having tea, Bunu and I started our regular job and Didi and Basu started cooking. We hurried had our lunch and set for school. There, I started correcting SEE ledger to fix some errors with Durga sir. Along with that, I joined a session from Rahat Committee Pro-5. During the period, I had a 10 minutes long telephone conversation with Shiva Khadka, my SLC classmate regarding SLC Batch-2056. He had a federal type of plan for the benefit of all the mates. I asked him to set an online meeting for that at around 7PM. He posted a notice in our group immediately. At 4:30, I returned to the room and had noodles as snacks and started my online class. In the afternoon, there were 6 to 7 friends only. Unfortunately, I couldn't join that meeting as I had an online class at the same time. 

After having a meal at 9, I started my online class which is to finish at 10. Bunu and Basu started to watch Bhunti-13, I also joined them time and again. After the completion of the online class and the serial, they slept and I started writing this diary. 

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