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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

170th Day of Pandemic

 Bhadra 24th, Wednesday


Today we got up at  quarter to 5 and got ready for the morning walk. We, I, Basu and Rupa didi went for it upto the place where we had been the day before yesterday. Today we were little bit early so we easily could return to the room to listen the Kayakairan in time. I listened to the news and then BBC too. Then after having tea, I started my daily job with Bunu. 

Tomorrow, there is Bunu's first term examination so I guided her on the same and did my online stuff. Later on at 9:30 AM, we had brunch as usual and started for the online classes which lasted upto 2:30 PM. 

After that we enjoyed different shows on YouTube. Later at 4, I joined the classes from STFT Center and then Sindhupalchok. Along with that we had supper and then I continued with the classes. After sometimes, we watched TV and then I started writing this diary but Basu and Bunu slept. 

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