तपाईंलाई मेरो ब्लग हेर्नु भएकोमा हार्दिक धन्यवाद !

114th Day of Lock Down

Asar 31st, Wednesday

We laid on the bed till 7:30 AM. After getting up we had tea and started the job of helping Bunu with here homework and I did mine as well.

Basu prepared lunch. After having lunch, I went to school before Basu. At school I had tech conversation with Hari sir and Durga sir. I also did some online activities.

At about 2:15, there was a monthly staff meeting after long time. We reported our activities turn by turn. At last DB sir addressed most of the issues. I also talked about the use of ICT and digital tools.
The meeting lasted for more that 2 hours. Then at 4:30 PM, we returned back to room. 

Today Bunu had also gone to school and was with us at school, while coming back to the room, she insisted to have mo:mo at woknpan, so we went there and waited for quite a long time after order. We had momo and chow-min with sprite and returned to the room. 
At the room, I started online classes from Bardiya STFT and Pyuthan. While having the classes, Bunu insisted on going out to play but we refused it as it was not good to move here and there. But she was not convinced so her father slapped her and scolded as well. So she wept for a while and slept.
At around 8:30, as usual we had supper. After that Bunu and Basu watched TV for a while and slept. I started writing this dairy. 


I am an English Language Teacher at a government school in Gulmi district. I love reading, watching film and visiting new places. Internet surfing and doing online courses are my favourite leisure time activities.

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