तपाईंलाई मेरो ब्लग हेर्नु भएकोमा हार्दिक धन्यवाद !

168th Day of Pandemic

 Bhadra 22nd, Monday


It was totally different beginning of the day. As Basu had told me to set the alarm to set for 4:45 AM to go for morning walk. I did so and we got up at 5 AM, a bit lazily. After getting ready, Basu and I went for morning walk for the first time in 7 years married life😆. We reached up to Panchrate and returned back hurriedly to catch the Kayakairan. After listening it fro  6:10, we again went to Bari with a gallon of water to put it in the spinach.

After returning back from there we had tea and I started online stuff along with helping Banu to do her homework.  At about 9:30 we had brunch and I just started preparing materials for online teaching. At 10:30, I started my class with grade-9 where I conducted an online test using nearpod app and quizizz app. Then I assisted Basu to run such test with the students of grade 10 and 8. After completing those classes we enjoyed some TV serials and films as well. Among them 'Madam Geeta Rani' was the best. In the evening I joined the online classes as usual from STFTs and along with that had supper too. 

After supper, we watched 'Bhunti -22' and than , Basu and Bunu slept I started writing this digital diary. 


I am an English Language Teacher at a government school in Gulmi district. I love reading, watching film and visiting new places. Internet surfing and doing online courses are my favourite leisure time activities.

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