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Friday, August 7, 2020

137the Day of Pandemic

Saun 23rd, Friday


This morning was also not different that the last one. When I left the bed, it had been 7:30AM. Along with me I made Bunu to get up. Then we got fresh and had tea. After that Bunu started doing her homework. That's to write the domestic/ wild and water animals' name. Basu started cooking.

At 9:45 AM, we had meal and then I left the room for school. At school, I did the usual work of the Webinar. As it was  the 3rd [Final] day of 3 day webinar, I was busy as a host. I prepared attendance form, program schedule and got the gadgets ready. 

But as we approached the starting time, Ram Hari sir had to use my laptop as his didn't work properly. With his laptop, I hardly handled the hosting section with the help of my co-hosts such as Sarsawati, Krishna Panth and Bashudev sir. 

In the last day there were two presentations of Bishwa Raj Gautam and Vaishali Pradhan respectively. Then after, there was a panel discussion where Vishnu Prasad Bhandari and Bashudev  Ghimire sir moderated the panel and the panelists were Dr. Jai Raj Awasti, Dr. Laxman Gnawali, Ms. Meera Shrestha and Ms. Sunita Swar Suri. \

The discussion was on Teachers' Professional Development and there was a  smoothly collaboration among the panelists though they were representing 3 different generations. The webinar completed at 7PM. Then, after setting up the gadgets, we went to Wok &  Pan for the review meeting of the webinar, but there we didn't discuss much about the webinar rather we discussed about other people, had heavy snacks and left the place at 9 PM.

I came to the room, till then Bunu and Basu had already eaten and watching TV. I had no room for meal so I also joined them after being fresh. We watched the TV for sometimes and then I started writing this diary.

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