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Saturday, August 8, 2020

138th Day of Pandemic

 Saun 24th, Saturday


It is Saturday today but there's nothing different. The morning was almost as usual. Yes, today after two weeks, I attended the session of writing conducted by Gulmi Education under Brain Gain Initiative. 

I just left the bed at 6:45, as the class was to begin at 7 and hastly got fresh and joined it. There were almost 12 participants. After joining it, I posted the link on NELTA facebook accont, ELT Gulmi and so on. Then after sometimes there were around 30. Dr. Shyam Sharma from Stony Brook University, USA, facilitated us in writing but it was like for the academic writer rather than to the high school teachers.

He gave us a writing of himself which was published on'The Republica' and asked us few questions to answer after reading that. Many of the participants seemed to be puzzled. In breakout room 8, there were two participants,Vishnu Bhandari sir and I . We discussed and  responded what we got.

At around 8:45, he left us telling that he had to join the another session for SOS. Then there was another discussion among the Gulmeli teachers. There were hardly 18. We discussed on how to move ahead. Many of the teachers asked Madhukar Pandey, the host, to run the classes from very basic stage rather than the academic ones. I also supported the view. We also discussed on starting a blog in English by ourselves. I doubted on it!but told to support anyone to create a blog. Madhu sir told that we would paid version. It is also very good. The discussion ended without any fixed decision, just by agreeing on meeting next Saturday. 

After the meeting, we had brunch and Basu joined another session on 'Nepali Subject'. It continued till 4. I also joined here and there throughout the day. 

In the evening, at about 8:30, we had supper and than watched TV fro sometimes. Then Bunu and Basu slept, I started writing this blog dairy. 

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