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Sunday, August 16, 2020

146th Day of Pandemic

Saun 32nd, Sunday


It was also a common day today. As it is Sunday today. we have to go to school so tried to get up a little earlier than yesterday. Then, I had tea and started usual work of online with Bunu. She did her homework and I  did my activities. 

After having meal at 9:30 AM, I went to school earlier than Basu. At school I did my usual task of supporting my colleagues to run online classes and helped them to use Powerpoint. 

Today, I also took an online class of grade 9 English. It was very good. Then at 4:30, I returned to the room and had snack. Then I started online classes. Aftr 7:30, I joined STFT Kailali's training on ICT which  lasts at 9:30. During the period. I had supper and then we watched TV too. Then Bunu and Basu slept and I started writing this digital diary. 

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