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Saturday, August 15, 2020

145th Day Of Pandemic

Saun 31st, Saturday


It is Saturday today, but it's neither been a matter joy nor a sorrow. Since the lock-down, everyday has been like a Saturday.  Today, it had been almost 7:45. Before being fresh, I joined the online class of Gulmi Education. But due to the fluctuation on electricity, couldn't attend it till the end. I had tea, along with the class. 

Today I didn't take a bath as the weather was not so good to dry the clothes. We had brunch at around 10. Then I started my online activities. At the mean while their was a clash between Basu and me. She got angry. After sometime, she went to mathighar, to discuss about yesterday's collapsed. Bunu played with Asika and Motu and I just kept on surfing and joined the lessons on different platform. 

At around 7:30 Basu came back and she cooked food. At about 8:40, we had meal and then I started keeping this diary  and Basu and Bunu started watching TV.  

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