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Friday, August 14, 2020

144th Day of Pandemic

Saun 30th,  Friday


It was a typical morning as usual. After leaving the bed at 7:30, I had a half glass of tea after a glass of water. Then I sat  with laptop. 

At 9:30, we had brunch and I went to school before Basu as usual. At school, my task was normal one. I just supported my colleagues in online classes and got the technicians to link all the computers with network in the new computer lab. 

After that I supported Hari sir to prepare power-point slides. From 1 PM, I started to assists the colleagues in the In-House ICT training.  As I was helping them and setting Yuvraj sir's new laptop, Basu phoned me and told about the landslide in the shed in my sasurali. So we, went their by bike. The inner wall of the shed had collapsed and the shed had crooked. We immediately took the buffaloes and goats to the safe place. After 5 minutes of that the whole shed collapsed down. Luckily nothing happened to the human and cattle.  

At about 6 PM we returned back to the room and I started  my online activities whereas Basu prepared food. Then we had it at 8:30 and watched the TV for some times. Then Basu and Bunu slept. I started keeping this digital diary.

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