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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

92nd Day of Lock Down

Asar 09, Tuesday

It had been 5:45 when my eye opened. Basu was getting ready to go to Bhakhrechheda for facilitation. As I was lazing, Bunu called me and told that she had a stomach ache. So I took her to the toilet, helped her to wash her face. Then I prepared tea and gave her some bhuja. After she ate it, I gave her some dhulo aushadhi. Then she slept.

I started my online lesson for some time and then put lentils in a cooker and put on the stove. After that, I also prepared vegetables of potato and capsicum and cooked it. Basundhara came at 8:45. After having some rest, we had lunch. Then I got ready for school. It had been 10:10 when I reached there. After getting the things ready for the IEMIS update, I started it with Gyanraj sir. It took us almost 4 hours to complete it. Along with that, I didn't miss the webinars and online sessions from Kathmandu university, Janakpur NELTA, and NELTA Dang. 

At about 4:30 I returned to the room and had snacks that Basu had already prepared [Aalu Parautha]. Then, I continued my online activities. I completed some lessons from worldenglishinstitute and IOWA State University. After having a meal at around 8:00, I joined another online session from Nawalpur which was about email and the internet. It ended after 10. Then, I started writing this blog, Bunu and Basu had already slept.

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