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Thursday, August 27, 2020

157th Day of Pandemic [6 Day of Lock Down

Bhadra 11th, Thursday


We didn't haste today too and remained on bed till 7:30 AM. After getting up we had tea and went to land and dug it out to plant the garlic. We dug the field until 9:30. It was really difficult task for us. Our habit had really changed. 

After we returned to the room, Basu cooked food and we had it. Then we took rest as we were very tired. Along with that I did some online activities as well. After 2:30 we went to the filed and dug it putting some manure in it Basu and Parbati didi sowed the seeds of garlic. I put chhapo upon it. After that we repaired the fence and then returned to the room. After that we had momo and boiled maize as snacks. 

In the evening Basu and Didi started cooking supper. I I joined the online classes from STFT Central Technical Committee and STFT Sankhuwasabha. Along with that we had supper around 9 PM and then I continued with the online classes.  After they finished, I started writing this diary. 

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