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Monday, May 25, 2020

63rd Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 12, Monday

Today I missed the news of 6 AM. My eyes had awoken at 5:30 AM, but I did not get up and slept again. When I awoke it had been 6:30. Rishi was shouting. Then I got up and became fresh and started the exercise with bahas. Today, Bunu got up a little late. Then we had tea and started with Bunu's homework. It was Maths. She did it as usual. We had our lunch at 11:30 as Basu forgot to light the gas on. Then after having lunch, I sat for preparing worksheets for grade 10. I prepared for Sentence Transformation. And at the same time, I designed a certificate and linked it with the test. 

Then at 1:00, I joined a two days webinar from province no. 2. There were the sessions of Jai Raj sir, Hemanta sir, and Bishwa Gautam sir. But I couldn't enjoy much as the electricity disturbed me very badly.  Then I assigned the online test to the students at 3 and at the same time I joined Young Leaders of the Americans Initiative and did two online courses from there.  In the evening, I joined another class of google docs and forms from Palpa STFT. It was also useful. Later on we had supper and came to the bedroom. I did some sort of task on the computer. Today, the electricity really disturbed till late at night. But at the same time I got a chance to play with my daughter. Sometimes these gadgets keep us away from our family and deprive us of real love and affection.  

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