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Thursday, June 18, 2020

87th Day of Lock-Down

Asar 4th, Thursday

After a long time, I awoke at 4:50 AM. Today, Basu had to go to Panchrate for the alternative class so her preparation for that made me wake up. But I laid on the bed just after she left the room for the place. I laid down with the cell till 6 and then turned on the radio and kept on exploring about the Microsoft teams. At around 7:45 I hardly got Bunu to get up and took her to the restroom. I fetched the water and then repaired the tea. We had tea and at the same time, I put the lentils on the stove. After that, I cut the bitter guard for the curry. Bunu watched her class's video on youtube and I cooked lunch.

It had been 9:30 when Basu came to the room. Then we had lunch as I had to go to school. After having mean, I went to school and started updating the IEMIS. Today I updated grade 7 with Anju and Shanti ma'am. Along with that, I joined an online class from Kathmandu University on ' Study Skills in English for Scholars'. It was a nice platform to learn tips and techniques for learning English. I completed the tasks of updating IEMIS at 3:30 and returned to the room at 4:30. Then Basu prepared chapatis for me. I had then with tea and continued with online learning. At 5:30 I joined another online orientation about fuse classroom, an LMS. 

After that, I practiced using MLMS until supper. Today we had supper at 8. Then I continued with MLMS and Bunu watched TV whereas Basu was busy in chatting with didis. After a while, I started writing this blog.

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