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Sunday, June 21, 2020

90th Day of Lock Down

Asar 07, Sunday

Though the eyes awoke at 5:30, I laid down on the bed until 6. When I got up, Basu had left the room for her morning alternative class at Budhichaur and Bunu was sleeping beside me. After turning on the radio, I laid on the bed and listened to the news. I got up at 7:30 and started household work such as cooking, filling the water bucket, cleaning, preparing tea, and assisting Bunu to do her homework. 

At 8 Bunu got up, today, she didn't drink tea as I had already drunk and when she got up I didn't ask her about it. It was about 8:45 when Basu came, I was cooking curry. At 9:20 I finished the job and requested them to have a meal. I served them. After having a meal, I brushed my tea,[ It's regular task], and got ready for school. When I reached school, it had been 10:10. After sometimes, I started my job of updating IEMIS. Along with that I also participated in online programs, one from NNTA, Ktm, on the occasion of Yoga diwas and another from Janakpur NELTA. Today, it was ECD classes' turn today, which took almost 3 hours to complete. After that, I participated in another online class from Dailekh and it ended at 5:30 and I returned to the room. 
After coming to the room, Basu prepared 4 chapati and tea for me. I had them and started doing my online classes from and After some time, we watched the remaining part of the film 'Dhulo'. It created a sense of pitty within us. Then I continued with online activities, Binu started playing and Basu went to prepared supper. 
We had supper at 8:30 and took rest for some time. Then I did some online lessons and started blogging. Bunu and Basu slept.

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