तपाईंलाई मेरो ब्लग हेर्नु भएकोमा हार्दिक धन्यवाद !

117th Day of Lock Down

Saun 3rd, Saturday

It is Saturday today. As usual we laid on bed till 7:45. After getting up, Bunu and Basu started cleaning the floor and I started preparing tea. After tea, I engaged Bunu in homework and started my online class.

During the period Basu took bath and washed the clothes.  Then she prepared meal and we had it. After that Basu joined Nepali online class conducted by EDPG and it lasted till 12. Then she helped Bunu to take bath. Today, I did took a bath. After that I started online class from digital sambad. After that at 3:30 we had snacks and then from 4, I joined STFT Bardiya's class. Then I Joined another class from Rasuwa STFT. 

Along with that, we had supper. After that I continued it along with the TESOL Convention 2020. Today's holiday was spent with nothing remarkable. Then till 9:15, we watched TV. Then Bunu and Basu started getting ready to sleep and I started writing this diary.


I am an English Language Teacher at a government school in Gulmi district. I love reading, watching film and visiting new places. Internet surfing and doing online courses are my favourite leisure time activities.

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