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Monday, August 10, 2020

140th Day of Pandemic

Saun 26th, Monday


It's monotonous to mention that I really have been lazy as I had mentioned it a number of times. I got up at almost 7:45 and got fresh. Then had a cup of tea and started online activities. I also assisted Bunu to do her homework. Now a days she also has been completing with me in being lazy. We continued and Basu prepared the meal. 

At 9:35, we had brunch and I left the room for school. At school, I just did some technical works and assisted colleagues to cope with the technology. It really has been a bear's skull to most of the teachers now a days. But there is no alternative. It's must. 

Today, along with school's activities, I did some documentation of Batch-56. as we had planned to finalize the procedure draft of the committee. At 4:15, I returned to the room and had snacks then the same activities of learning online started. 

After 8:15, friends of Batch-056, started chatting on the messenger call. I joined and along with that I had meal and joined the meeting. Till 10 PM, we 5 friends Naraya Khanal, Krishna Aryal, Krishna Pd. Aryal Sjive Khadka and I finalized the draft and them said bye/goodnight to each others.

After that Bunu and Basu slept. I dared to keep this record on digital format. 

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