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Saturday, September 19, 2020

180th Day of Pandemic

  Asoj 3rd, Saturday


Today was also a common day for me. I got up at 5:10 and went for the morning walk till the usual destination. After returning back, I listened to the news on Kayakairan and then got fresh. Basu and Bunu were still sleeping. I tried to make them get up but they kept on sleeping till 7:30. After they got up we had tea and Bunu and I started our regular duty. Bunu practised maths as her exam is on. I did my tasks on the computer. 

As it was Saturday today, we just lazied around. I had taken bath yesterday so I didn't had to do today. At around 9:30 we had lunch and I Just started with the computer. I watched some Hindi films and YouTube videos. I also learned some tips and trick of computer.

In the afternoon, we took breakfast and I continued with the computer.  At about 77:45 we supper and than we watched TV as usual. After watching the TV for sometimes, Basu and Bunu slept. I continued with this diary.

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