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Friday, September 25, 2020

186th Day of Pandemic

  Asoj 9th, Friday


Today, I got up and went to the usual destination for morning walk and returned back to listen to the news. After news and Nepali Bahas,I got Bunu and Basu to get up and we had tea.Then started our usual activities.I supported Bunu to do her homework along with my online stuff.

At around 9:30, we had brunch and then I went to school before Basu. At school I took class of grade 9 and then did some school's work. I also took face to face class of grade 10 B. Then I supported the staff to set the question papers and contacted to Krishna Shrestha for the maintenance of the photocopy machines. After that at around 3,I returned to the room and had noodles and tea as snacks. After that I Started my online activity. Then I at 4:45, I joined NELTA Province 2's online conference and then at 7:30 another class from STFT Nepali Language Department. 

At about 8 PM, we had supper and then watched the TV for sometimes. After that Basu and Bunu slept,I started my daily of writing diary.

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