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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

70th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 19, Monday

Today, I missed Kayakairan as it had been 6:30 AM when I got up! When I got up, there was no electricity so I couldn't listen to Nepali Bahas as well. At around 7:45, Bunu also got up and when had tea with chapati. Then Bunu and I started doing the daily work of her assignment. It was English today, so she easily did it. It had been 10:30 when we had lunch. Then I started doing online classes for Today, there were not any online session so I watched the film' Ajhai Pani and assigned some online activities to the students. Sometimes I wonder what would I do if there were no internet and gadgets like mobile and internet! But immediately, I got the answer 'BOOKS'. I often feel very sorry for the books that I have bought not have not read yet. Today I attended another class from STFT Palpa on Digital Tools; nearpod by Narayan sir and attended a webinar on' Digital Instruction for Nearpod Beginners' from the company itself where I practiced itself features interactively. After having a meal at 8 PM, we watch a TV serial ' Kanchhi-9, then Busu slept Bunu kept on watching TV. I started doing my last job of blogging.

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