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Monday, July 13, 2020

112th Day of Lock Down

Asar 29th, Monday

Though I had to go to school at 8 AM, I didn't get up it 7 and then left the bed and got fresh. After having tea, I went to school and helped Pandey dai [Bijuli Dai] to set the wiring of the new computer room. After completing his task Pandey dai returned to his room. Just after that Rajendra and Binod came to joined the batteries and invertor. I also supported them and set the lab.

At 10:10 I returned to the room and went to the bank directly. But I couldn't accomplish the task due to the lack of some documents. I returned to school and made the documents, stamped it and I joined the online webinar from Hansraj Mahaila Mahaviddhyalay, India. Then at about 1:45, I went to the bank but still there was not the sign and stamp of Education Development and Coordination Unit. So, I was sent there. I went and got the documents singed and stamped. Then I came to the bank and submitted the file. After that I came to the room. It has been 3:45, which was the time for snacks so, Basu bought chow-min and we had it. Bunu had gone to Maola and didn't come till the evening. At 4 I joined STFT Bardia which was followed bu STFT Pyuthan. It lasted at 7:15. Then I did my online course of canvas.

At about 8:45 we had supper and then I got Bunu to do some homework. I continued my online class. After Basu and didi finished the household stuff, we watched Bhunti-15 and them they slept but I started writing this diary.   

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