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Sunday, July 12, 2020

111th Day Of Lock Down

Asar 28th, Sunday

Today, as Basu had go to go Simichaur for alternative teaching assistant, she got up before 5 and started being ready. It also got me awake but I didn't leave the bed. At 5 Basu went to Simichaur and I laid down on the bed. 
At 6 I got  up and turned on the radio and laid down listening to the news. After seven I left the bed and started preparing birthday wish card for my sister as it was her birthday today. After some time I got Bunu wake up and we had tea. While having tea, I starting cooking meal as well. While cooking was going on I prepared a birthday wish card to my sister and posted it in the facebook. 

It had been 9:30 when Basu arrived. She took rest for some time and we had lunch. Then I got ready and went school, there was nothing special at school so I got the documents ready for KYC update of the account of Nepal Youth Redcross Circle Siddhababa Secondary School. Then I joined some online classess and just passed the time. At 3 there was a meeting of NELTA Gulmi Branch regarding ELT training which was scheduled for 2 to 4 Shrawan  and had to cancelled due to upcoming TESOL Conference [16th to 18 July]. It took more that 15 minutes to gather 9 members including me. [ I am not an executive member]. We discussed about the new schedule and fix 21 to 23 Shrawan. DB sir was assigned to manage all the things. I left school after finishing the meeting. At the room I had snacks and joined the another class from STFT Bardiya till 6 and it was followed by another from Pyuthan till 7:15. After that, today after long time I went to the roof of the house and enjoyed fresh air, played with Bunu and so on.

After that Basu started cooking, I started my online course from Canvas and completed Module 3 and started module-4. Then at 8:30 we had supper. After supper Bunu and Basu watched TV and I joined online course. Then after 9:45 I started writing this blog. 

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