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Saturday, July 11, 2020

110th Day Of Lock Down

Asar 27th, Saturday

As it is Satuday, we didn't haste to get up early and laid down on bed it 7:30.AM. After getting up I assisted Basu to scrub the floor. Then we had tea. And immediately I joined an online class of Gulmi Education Development Plan[GEDP] by Ishwari Panday on ' Rewriting and Summarizing'. 

In the class we discussed on the various aspects of writing strategies and we were assigned a class work.4 participants out of  41 gave a try to it and I could not fall under four. It ended at 10 and I had to gave a thank you speech with reflection on the session. I tried but couldn't do as I had thought to do earlier. 

While I was busy in the online class, Bunu and Basu took bath. After the class, I also took a bath and washed my personal clothes. Then we had lunch at about 11:15 and took rest for some time. Along with that I joined online classes from different platform around the countries and abroad. 
 At 3:15 we had snack, Busu had prepared nice chow-min out of noodles. At 4 I joined another class from Bardiya STFT and them from Pyuthan.  

At 8:20 we had supper and watched TV for some time and then Basu slept with Bunu. I started writing mu diary.

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