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Friday, July 10, 2020

109th Day of Lock Down

Asar 26th , Friday

Today, Basu had to go to Thumka to assist the students so she got up at 5:30 and started being ready for that. Though I awoke, I didn't get up. I requested her to open the radio and laid on the bed listening to the news. I left the bed at 7:30 and got fresh. Bunu was still sleeping. I got her wake up and started preparing tea. While we were having tea, Basu came. I prepared tea for her too. Then I started cooking. Cooking finished at 9:15, then we all had rest for sometime. Then as I had to go to school, we had lunch at 9:30 and then I went to school. 

At school, I worked on PMT for sometime. Then I assisted Bheshraj to load the software and operating system on the new computers.  Along with that I joined the online session of KU as well. 
At about 3:30, I came to the room and had snacks and continued with the online classes from KU and STFT Bardiya and then STFT Pyuthan as well. When the classes finished then we had supper. After having supper we watched the TV for sometime. I also posted the flyer of tomorrow morning's program on the different platform along with NELTA Gulmi's facebook and I also shared the message on the personal level. Till then Basu had already slept, Bunu remained awake with me. I started writing this diary with the hope of having sound sleep soon. 

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