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Monday, July 20, 2020

119th Day of Lock Down

Saun 5th, Monday

Today too we didn't get up till 7:30AM. After getting up, we had tea and sat for the daily task.  Basu and didi prepared brunch and I did some online task along with guiding Bunu.

 At about 9:35,we had brunch and I went to school before Basu. At school, there was a mini meeting, where we all the present staff reported our tasks. Then DB sir directed us about some task. Then 
 I did some official task. I also published the HISTUN Pre-Board Result of Grade 11 and 12 on the website. After that I took a class of Grade 9, where there were only 12 students. I guided then through the poem' The Wind and The Leaves' by George Cooper. 

After that I did some online task and till 4:30 I guided Renu ma'am and Bhagawati ma'am to search online materials for kids. Then at about 4:35, I returned to the room and had snacks. Bunu had gone to maola. Basu started surfing the net and I continued with STFT Bardiya's closing ceremony of 21 days ICT training. It lasted till 7. Then I surfed YouTube. After 7:45 I joined Rasuwa STFT, but just after a few minutes, the fluctuation on electricity made me disconnect and I could not join till 10 PM. During the gap I had meal and we watch Nepali serial 'Bhunti-16'. I surfed the internet.

Then at 10:10, Bunu and Basu slept. I started writing this diary.

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