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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

120Th Day of Lock Down [Last Day of Lock Down]

Saun 6th, Tuesday

Morning was not different from yesterday. It had been almost 7:45 when we got up. Bunu and I even remained till late on the bed. 
After getting up, we had tea and sat for the usual task. Till 9:30 I assisted Bunu and did my online courses. After having meal at 9:45, I left the room for school. When I prepared the file with user name and password for the students of grade 11 and 12. Then helped Durga sir to use PowerPoint presentation. 

I also a class of grade 10 B with 19 students. Then I attended an online class from Kailali NELTA and then at 4:30, I came to the room. 
At room I had snack, noodles and started the class again. After having meal at 8, I joined the class from Rasuwa and Bunu and Basu started watching TV. The online class lasted till 10:25, and I started writing this along with the class. 
I surfed the net and found that the Lock Down has been scheduled to finished from today midnight. after 120 days. It is really good news. 

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