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Monday, August 3, 2020

133rd Day of Pandemic

Saun 19th, Monday

Today it was festival, Janai Purnima [Raksha Bandhan], I got up as usual and did some online tasks with tea. Then I took a short bath and put tika to my daughter Bunu and Pratik.
Then I did some other works and got ready to go to sasurali.

We went there by bike. The road was not so good but nothing happened. We had meal at around 11:30. After having meal, I stayed there till 12:30 and then came to the room and went to school with my bag. There was a lot of work to do. I prepared various forms and notice for the webinar and circulated on the social media. Then at 5, there was a virtual meeting with province no.5. It was nice to gathered the idea of the webinar. After it, Gulmi NELTA too, hold a meeting on zoom and made a plan to gather tomorrow.

Then at around 7:30, I came to the room. I took rest for a while and then having some chapatis, we watched TV for sometimes. I prepared a google form to collect the data of the participants of the webinar and then wrote this diary.

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