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Friday, August 21, 2020

150th Day of Pandemic

 Bhadra 4th, Thursday


Today is Akbhakte the day before Teej. I had made a plan to go to ghara. I just got up at 7 and tried to do my usual work. I planed to to to home after 8. After having tea, I bought some fruits and biscuit for Aama. I packed my bag with those things and some other. I also put a book 'Samjhanaka Kuinetaharu' by Khagendra Sangraula. I set my bike and and started my journey at 10 to 9. It had been 10 when I reached home. My mother was cooking vegetable [Sostako Tarkari]. As I reached, she gave me poleko maikai. After sometime we had brunch. It was really tasty as I was having  food prepared by mother after a quiet long time. 

After meal, mother started washing the dishes, I took rest for a while and sat with the book: Hansa by Sanjeev Upreti. It was at home, Ravi had taken it few months ago. Along with the book, sometimes I also checked Facebook too, but it's very hard to get the signal of 3G.

At about 7:30, we had supper, masu and bhat. Than mother slept and I started reading the book.

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