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Friday, August 21, 2020

151st Day of Pandemic

Bhadra 5th, Friday


Today, I left the bed in my sweet home at 6:30 AM. I had gone to home yesterday morning with the plan to stay fro 3 days but as there is notice of Gulmi Lock-down from 5th Bhadra-12th, I had to come today. 

When I got up, aama was not at home, she had gone to fetch milk. After getting up, I got fresh and had a glass of water. When aama returned, we had tea and went to join the water tap. After coming back, I had maize and tea again. Aama cooked food. We waiting Sanima, but she seemed to be late so we had it at around 10:30. When Sanima came we chatted for sometime and I got ready to come here. Aama and Sanima were also coming to Dem mama's house as it was 13th day of his death. 

I brought my bike on the road with the help of aama and sanima. Then they left on foot and I started my journey by bike at 11:50 AM. Today I came via Amlechaur, the road was better than I had expected. I stayed with Gyan sir for a while and came to Tamghas. It had been 1:15. After having rest for a while I went to Bajaj showroom for bike servicing but it has closed down. Then I got it washed and returned back to the room. I did some online activities, watched some films. In the evening, Basu and Bunu didn't returned so I just made the rice pudding that I had brought from home, hot and had it with omelette. 

After having that, I did some online activities and and wrote this diary along side.

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