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Saturday, August 29, 2020

159th Day of Pandemic [8th Day of Lock Down]

 Bhadra 13th, Saturday


Today, I got up at  6 and turned on the radio and laid down listening to it. At around 7 we got up along with Bunu as Basu and Bunu had planned to go maola. After having tea they went  and I started my online activities. 

At around  9 I started cooking, First I cooked sostako jhol and rice, And then before having brunch,I did some of the online task. At 10:30 I had it and then again started my online activities. At 12:30, I washed the dishes. I had planned to take bath but as Basu had told me that we would dig the field and plan radish, I didn't take bath. 

Throughout the day I joined different online classes from home and abroad. In the evening I supported to two newly admitted students to take online class. At about 6:45 PM Basu and Bunu came and started cooking. Then I had maize that they had brought for me. At about 8:45 we had supper. Then I stared online classes of STFT Bunu and Basu watched mobile for sometimes and slept. My online classes ran up to 10 and then I also started writing this diary.

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