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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

177th Day of Pandemic

 Bhadra 31st, Wednesday


The routine of life has changed a bit now a days. I have developed a habit of morning walk of almost 4.5Km. So, today too I got up at 5 AM and  got ready for that. Basu didn't join me as there was none to stay with Bunu. I went to the usual place and returned back to the room at 6 AM and took rest listening to the news on radio. 

At 7:30 we had tea and started our jobs. I did my online activities and helped Bunu to prepare for her Nepali exam that is going to be held on coming Friday. Ar 9:30 we had brunch and got ready for school. At school, we collected the data of the students having different sorts of means for the alternative teaching.

I also took my online classes for grade 9 and 12. For twelve it was the first day and we did it on messenger group. After that I returned to the room and had rotis and snacks with tea and then started online activities. Today, I forgot  to joined the closing ceremony of STFT Sindhupalchok. 

Later on at 7:45 we had supper and watched TV for sometimes. Then I continued  with my online activites till 9:30 and then I started writing this diary.

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