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Sunday, September 13, 2020

174th Day of Pandemic

Bhadra 28th, Sunday


It was again a special day today. I got up at 5 AM and got ready for morning walk alone. Today Basu didn't join me as there was none to stay with Bunu. I jugged up to the regular destination and returned back to the room before 6 AM. One hour for the betterment of one's health is not a big deal. 

After returning back I passed half an hour listening to the news. At 6 :30, I go fresh and and surfed on mobile. At 7 Basu also got up and we cleaned the floor. The we had tea and I started my daily duty with Bunu. I collected all the files of the school's laptop as I was going to have my own new laptop today. Along with that I supported Bunu to study Nepali subject. 

We had our brunch at 9:30 and then I got ready to go to school. Today after almost 2 weeks, I went to school on my bike. There I took an online class for grade-9 and then we received laptops and checked them out. They didn't seem genuine but we have to have them so we took for Rs. 69000 each. We 6 teachers Keshar, Bharat, Anju, Sarad, Anju and I paid half of the amount in cash and cheque and made the laptops ours and promised to pay half of the remaining amount till dashain. 

After that at around 3 I went to the high speed and got my external hard disk that I had purchased from there on 2073-2-9 covered and set the sound of the old laptop.  Then I came to the room with the momo and chow mein  as snacks and we had it. After that I sat with the new laptop and did some useful setting. I also updated headmaster's message on the school's website.Basu went to bari to water the sag that she had planted few days ago. Bunu played here and there. 

At around 7:50, we had supper and then stayed with our devices. Basu and I talked with Bunu on her study and then they slept, I started writing this diary. 

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