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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

99th Day of Lock Down

Asar 16th, Tuesday

It was 5:45 when I got and turned the radio on. Then kept on listening to the news lying on the bed till the BBC finished. After that, I left the bed and had a glass of water followed by tea. Then Bunu and I started our routine task. She did English homework and I continued with my online course. Basu and Didi were busy in the kitchen. At about 9:45, we had lunch and headed to school. At school, I assisted the teachers to prepare result on and continued my own learning as well. 

Then Durga sir and I started filling the marks of the SEE in the file provided by NEB. it took us about 1 and a half hours. Then we cross-checked it and kept on the Pendrive to submit to the EDCU. After that, we left the school. In the room, I didn't have any snacks and started online learning. At 8 another class from Nawalpur started. I joined it which lasted till 10. Within the session, we had supper. 10 Bunu and Basu slept and I started this blogging. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

98th Day of Lock Down

Asar 15, Monday

Though the eyes opened at 5 AM, I couldn't leave the bed till 7:45! After having tea, Bunu and I started our regular job and Didi and Basu started cooking. We hurried had our lunch and set for school. There, I started correcting SEE ledger to fix some errors with Durga sir. Along with that, I joined a session from Rahat Committee Pro-5. During the period, I had a 10 minutes long telephone conversation with Shiva Khadka, my SLC classmate regarding SLC Batch-2056. He had a federal type of plan for the benefit of all the mates. I asked him to set an online meeting for that at around 7PM. He posted a notice in our group immediately. At 4:30, I returned to the room and had noodles as snacks and started my online class. In the afternoon, there were 6 to 7 friends only. Unfortunately, I couldn't join that meeting as I had an online class at the same time. 

After having a meal at 9, I started my online class which is to finish at 10. Bunu and Basu started to watch Bhunti-13, I also joined them time and again. After the completion of the online class and the serial, they slept and I started writing this diary. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

97th Day of Lock Down

Asar 14th Sunday

I got up at 6 and laid down again on the bed after turning on the radio. When we left the bed, it had been 7:30. After getting fresh, we got tea and started our task. Bunu did her homework on a worksheet. I did my online course. After having a meal at 9:45, we headed to school. At school, Durga sir and I completed the ledger of grade 10 SEE Batch-2067 with some error correction. I joined an online session from Rahat Teachers Association, Province No.-5 from 3 PM. Then I got updated with some other online courses. I returned to my room where I had snacks and started an online course. At 8 PM, along with supper, I joined another online class on ICT from STFT Nawalpur. The training continued till 10 late evening. After the session, we watched some Nepali comedy serials and then Bunu and Basu slept. Then I started to write this diary. 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

96th Day of Lock Down

Asar-13th, Saturday

My eyes had opened at 4:30 AM, but I slept again after turning off the light. It had been 5:30 when aama got down from the upstairs. She was followed by bahini after sometimes. I left the bed at 6 and got fresh. But, as it was raining since last late evening, we couldn't start the journey.

Yesterday evening after 4 I had left Tamghas to go to my house as my sister had to go the Kathmandu today morning. For that, I had to drop her at Chhaldi Tar where a car had been planned to come. At about 6:10 Am the rain slowed down and we started the journey by bike. When we reached the destination, it had been 7:15 AM. Bahini along with the other 3 passengers left for Ktm and I drove to Tamghas. At 7:35, I was in my room in Tamghas. After having tea, I joined two online meetings: a. Access Meeting and b. Writing training simultaneously. Both of them ended at 10. Then we had lunch and took rest for some time.

Throughout the day drizzling and we just stayed at room doing different online courses. At 3 I joined two sessions one from GEG+SOSON and another from Rahat Teachers' Association Province No. 5.
After that Bunu and I took a ride after a long time up to Bhakhrechheda. Then bahini phoned us to inform that she reached Ktm. safely and heading to Raju bhanja's room. Then I started my online class, Bunu started playing with friends and Basu started cooking supper. I joined the training session of Nawalpur STFT and had supper along with this. It lasted at 10. Then I started writing the diary. Basu and Bunu slept.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

94th Day of Lock Down

Asar 11th, Thursday

Today too we got up at 6 and laid down along with the morning news. After leaving the bed at 7:30, we had tea and sat Bunu's homework and my online course. At around 9:35, we had lunch and got ready for school. At school, there was a sort meeting regarding the present situation of pandemic and upcoming strategy to continue the teaching-learning activities during the situation. In my turn of speaking, I put some point of continuing the teaching-learning activities such as (a) we need to provide each student with textbooks (b) assist them to take the radio and television classes (c) assisting them to join online classes through MLMS and Zoom as well (d) teachers should learn the ICT skills.

After the meeting, I updated IEMIS of grade 9 which had been left yesterday due to some technical problems. After completing that I updated grade-6 with Bharat and Narayan sir. It took us more than 4 hours to complete. Along with that, I supported Durga sir to prepare the Grade-10 [SEE] ledger sheet to send to the SEE examination board for the final result. At about 5:30 we finished that and I helped Durga sir to use zoom application. He created the meeting and hosted as well. At about 6:30 we returned to the room. After coming to the room, I had some chapatis and tea then took some rest. After some time I joined the online class. 

At about 8:30, we had supper while watching an online session from Nawalpur. It finished at 10, then Basu slept. I started writing this diary. Bunu is busy in her fashion show with her t-shirt!😂😂😀 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

93rd Day of Lock Down

Asar 10, Wednesday

We kept on sleeping until the clock struck 7:30. Today, Basu didn't have to go to the alternative class. After getting up we had tea and then I assigned some homework to Bunu and I started my online class. After having a meal we both went to school. 
Today, there was a staff meeting regarding the disturbance in the alternative classes. We decided to run the classes on collaboration with the municipality and online as well. Then I facilitated some of my colleagues to use a digital tool; Then I started dating IEMIS of grade 9 with Basundhara, Basu sir, and Prajwal. It was really boring task today as it took comparatively more time than yesterday. So we just could update the theoretical marks until 4:30. Then we left it and went to the room with the hope to do it tomorrow. 
After returning to the room, we had noodles and tea. Bunu had gone to Maola and hadn't returned yet. Then I started my online class and Basu took some rest. Then at about 7:15 Bunu and Didi returned. I went to buy chicken and then Basu and Didi prepared that. Bunu played and I was busy in online study. 
After having supper, I joined the online session from Nawalpur and joined another webinar from Cambridge Assessment English which lasted up to 11. Till then Bunu and Basu had already slept. I started writing this diary. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

92nd Day of Lock Down

Asar 09, Tuesday

It had been 5:45 when my eye opened. Basu was getting ready to go to Bhakhrechheda for facilitation. As I was lazing, Bunu called me and told that she had a stomach ache. So I took her to the toilet, helped her to wash her face. Then I prepared tea and gave her some bhuja. After she ate it, I gave her some dhulo aushadhi. Then she slept.

I started my online lesson for some time and then put lentils in a cooker and put on the stove. After that, I also prepared vegetables of potato and capsicum and cooked it. Basundhara came at 8:45. After having some rest, we had lunch. Then I got ready for school. It had been 10:10 when I reached there. After getting the things ready for the IEMIS update, I started it with Gyanraj sir. It took us almost 4 hours to complete it. Along with that, I didn't miss the webinars and online sessions from Kathmandu university, Janakpur NELTA, and NELTA Dang. 

At about 4:30 I returned to the room and had snacks that Basu had already prepared [Aalu Parautha]. Then, I continued my online activities. I completed some lessons from worldenglishinstitute and IOWA State University. After having a meal at around 8:00, I joined another online session from Nawalpur which was about email and the internet. It ended after 10. Then, I started writing this blog, Bunu and Basu had already slept.

Monday, June 22, 2020

91st Day of Lock Down

Asar 08, Monday

Today I awoke at 5:45 and got fresh. Then I started doing my online course from IOWA University.
Today too, Basu went to facilitate the students in their community [Tunukhola]. So I had to take charge of everything. After completing some of the lessons of the MOOC, I got Bunu to get up and had tea with her. Just after that, I started cooking. I prepared Pee dal and mixed salad. Then I cooked rice and started an online course. 

At about 8:45 AM, Basu came. After having some rest, we started having lunch, and then I got ready and went to school. They're at school, I updated IEMIS of grade 8 for a while with Keshar and Gyanraj sirs. But as they had to go to Simichaur for facilitating the students there, we couldn't complete it. Then, I prepared the ledgers and made lists for some classes and continued with my online classes from Janakpur and Dang. At about 4:30 I returned to the room with chow mien and dumpling I had together. After that, I continued online learning. Bunu played with her friends. Basu and Didi also got busy somewhere and in late evening they started preparing a meal. 
After having meal, at about 8, I joined another class from Nawalpur, which had started from the day before yesterday. It lasted until 10. Till now Basu and Bunu slept and I started writing this blog. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

90th Day of Lock Down

Asar 07, Sunday

Though the eyes awoke at 5:30, I laid down on the bed until 6. When I got up, Basu had left the room for her morning alternative class at Budhichaur and Bunu was sleeping beside me. After turning on the radio, I laid on the bed and listened to the news. I got up at 7:30 and started household work such as cooking, filling the water bucket, cleaning, preparing tea, and assisting Bunu to do her homework. 

At 8 Bunu got up, today, she didn't drink tea as I had already drunk and when she got up I didn't ask her about it. It was about 8:45 when Basu came, I was cooking curry. At 9:20 I finished the job and requested them to have a meal. I served them. After having a meal, I brushed my tea,[ It's regular task], and got ready for school. When I reached school, it had been 10:10. After sometimes, I started my job of updating IEMIS. Along with that I also participated in online programs, one from NNTA, Ktm, on the occasion of Yoga diwas and another from Janakpur NELTA. Today, it was ECD classes' turn today, which took almost 3 hours to complete. After that, I participated in another online class from Dailekh and it ended at 5:30 and I returned to the room. 
After coming to the room, Basu prepared 4 chapati and tea for me. I had them and started doing my online classes from and After some time, we watched the remaining part of the film 'Dhulo'. It created a sense of pitty within us. Then I continued with online activities, Binu started playing and Basu went to prepared supper. 
We had supper at 8:30 and took rest for some time. Then I did some online lessons and started blogging. Bunu and Basu slept.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

89th Day of Lock-Down

Asar 6th, Saturday

Today too, we remained asleep till 7:30. After getting up, I was a little bit in haste as there was an online training session of EDC[शिक्षा विकास समिति]  Gulmi.  Mr. Ishowari Pandey was the facilitator from the USA. But, unfortunately, there was heavy rain and disturbance in electricity. Though I joined the class but couldn't remain online until the end. 

There was a discussion on teaching writing at the high school level. After the meal, there was another session from Nepali Department. Basu participated in it. Later, there was another session on English from ELTA, Telangana, India.  It lasted until 4:30. Today, I prepared snacks[ Roasted Chanamatar]. We had it with tea. I also managed some time for the movie' Kabali'. 

In the evening I watched some videos on Microsoft teams and useful tricks for using it. We had supper at around 8 and then. We watched half part of the movie ' Dhulo'. At it was almost 10. We stopped it. Basu and Binu slept but I started writing this blog. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

88th Day of Lock Down

Asar 05, Friday

Today, I did not leave the bed until 7:45 as none had any task in the morning. After getting up I waited for the tea as it was being prepared by Parbati Didi. After having tea, I assisted Bunu to do her homework given via messenger by her teachers yesterday. It was to write a page full question ' What is your name?' and then a page of its answer starting ' My name is ................/' Bunu did it easily and then started playing. Today, there was a meeting of STFT Province No-5 from 7 AM. But as there was so much disturbance in electricity, I hardly joined it at 8. There was discussion on there various agenda of the province and there was an urge to form a district committee where there are not yet. After that, I spent some time with my online course through Basu was feeling unwell as she had a terrible headache. Parbati Didi prepared lunch today. We had lunch at around 9:45 as we had to go to school. Then I went to school and Basu remained at the room to join Bunu with her teachers in online mode. 

At school I had a short meeting with computer teachers and DB sir regarding the computer lab, furniture and computers mainly. We decided to buy the branded computers of Dell and back up power as well. Then today, I updated the IEMIS of grade 4 with Pratikshya ma'am and Kusum ma'am. It took almost 5 hours. During the period, I join as an online class from KU and got a certificate as well. When I arrived at the room. it had been 4:50. Basu had gone to hospital as she has some allergy problems in the throat. Bunu was next door. After I got fresh, we learned vegetables' names on the chart that I had brought for her. Then Basu came and we prepared tea and chapati and had it. Basu took rest whereas Bunu played with Motu. I did some online tasks.
In the late evening, we helped Basu for preparing supper, then we had it at 8 and they slept I started blogging with some peeping on social media. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

87th Day of Lock-Down

Asar 4th, Thursday

After a long time, I awoke at 4:50 AM. Today, Basu had to go to Panchrate for the alternative class so her preparation for that made me wake up. But I laid on the bed just after she left the room for the place. I laid down with the cell till 6 and then turned on the radio and kept on exploring about the Microsoft teams. At around 7:45 I hardly got Bunu to get up and took her to the restroom. I fetched the water and then repaired the tea. We had tea and at the same time, I put the lentils on the stove. After that, I cut the bitter guard for the curry. Bunu watched her class's video on youtube and I cooked lunch.

It had been 9:30 when Basu came to the room. Then we had lunch as I had to go to school. After having mean, I went to school and started updating the IEMIS. Today I updated grade 7 with Anju and Shanti ma'am. Along with that, I joined an online class from Kathmandu University on ' Study Skills in English for Scholars'. It was a nice platform to learn tips and techniques for learning English. I completed the tasks of updating IEMIS at 3:30 and returned to the room at 4:30. Then Basu prepared chapatis for me. I had then with tea and continued with online learning. At 5:30 I joined another online orientation about fuse classroom, an LMS. 

After that, I practiced using MLMS until supper. Today we had supper at 8. Then I continued with MLMS and Bunu watched TV whereas Basu was busy in chatting with didis. After a while, I started writing this blog.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

86th Day of Loc-Down

Jestha-03, Wednesday

Today, I was awoken by Basu, as she got up at 5:30 to got to take alternative schooling at Bhagawati Mandir. As she left for the spot after opening the radio, I again laid down on the bed listening to it. I got up after the BBC and got Bunu and than started preparing tea. Along with the tea, I assigned Maths homework. While she was doing, I also joined my virtual class. Today, Bunu and I assisting in cooking too. 
When Basu arrived she took rest for some time and then started cooking curry, we supported her. Then after having a meal at about 9:45, I went to school. 
There I had a short meeting regarding Microsoft Teams and then I started updating IEMIS of grade 5 with Bipina and Narayan sir. It took almost 3 and a half hours to complete. After that, I assisted D B sir for creating a zoom meeting of NELTA for this evening. Then, at 4:25 I returned to the room and had an egg as snacks. After that, I joined a virtual session about the MOOC course ' Using Technology in the classroom'. Then at about:30 we had supper and contained with NELTA meeting. It continued till 9:45. Then I started writing this blog, Bunu got to sleep and Basu is chatting with the ladies next doors.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

85th Day of Lock-Down

Asar-02, Tuesday

Today, I was woken up at 5:30 AM by Basu as she had to go to teach the students at Bhakhrechheda. It was champaign of school from this month to provide education during the epidemic. I remained on the bed with my cell-phone. I kept on listening to the radio and got up at around 7:30 with Bunu. Then after being fresh we prepared tea. At the same time, Basu came, we had the tea together.

After that, we started our work i.e. to assign homework to Bunu. It was the English period today. I assigned her some tasks from her textbook of LKG. She started doing that and I started doing my online course. Basu started cooking. We had our lunch at 9:45 and I got ready for school. There was no compulsion for Basu as she took the morning class. She stayed at home. I went to school at 10:15 and started to prepare the ledger of grad-10 Send-Up Exam 2076 to send it to EDCU. After completing that I updated the IEMIS data of grade two with Bishnu Bhandari ma'am. It took us about three hours to complete. I returned to the room at 4:45 and had noodles as snacks. Then we put the cover to the news books of Bunu and then I started an online session from NELTA Chitwan on Email-Internet. We had supper at 8:30 and then I practiced using Microsoft Teams as distance learning tools. After that Basu and Bunu slept, I started blogging.

Monday, June 15, 2020

84th Day of Lock-Down

Asar 01, Monday

It had been almost 6 AM when I awoke today. My first work after getting up was to turn on the radio and lay down with a cellphone. When I got up it was almost 7:30. Bunu too got up with me. We prepared tea and had that. After that, I joined an online class from Rahat Teachers Association and got a certificate. Then after having lunch, Basu and I got ready for school but it rained heavily and we had to wait until 11. 

When we reached school, many of the teachers had already come and had already discussed the modality of running teaching-learning activities alternatively. Now it was my turn to talk about Microsoft Learning Management System. I explained some of the theoretical aspects and took my colleagues to the practical session which was not quite good due to the snailed internet. Anyway, I practically showed some of the features and applications of the system and demonstrated the way of setting the meeting and assigning the homework. As the speed of the internet was too slow, they didn't enjoy the class very much and neither did I. Anyway, I hope, they got some idea. Then, I along with the class teachers of grade one: Renu ma'am and Bhagawati ma'am, started to update the IEMIS [ integrated Educational Management Information System] until 4:00. Then, today there was a psycho-social counseling class for people staying in the quarantine. Krishna sir, Radha ma'am and Sarsawati ma'am had already arrived. I joined them and had a casual discussion on the current affairs of corona pandemic, educational strategies, schooling, and even the political issues of the country and local level as well. We waited for Bharat Bhalami, the chairperson of the ward, and the coordinator of the quarantine but as he was busy in a meeting of the municipality we started the program at 4:30. Krishna Khanal sir started it with some background. Then he asked Sarsawati ma'am to talk about Covid-19, quarantine, and isolation. After that, I talked about stress and its' management procedures. I was feeling nervous initially but gradually I felt comfortable and delivered must better that I myself had expected. But missed some which were later explained by Krishna sir. The people in the quarantine were all young blood and hope of positive vibes. At last Bharat dai also added some points of positive thinking and the policy of the government for such youths. The program concluded at 6:30 and we returned to the rooms. Then I had some chapati as snacks though it was too late. Then I sat for online study. After having meal at 8:30, we watched Bhunti-12. Then Bunu and Basu slept, I started blogging.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

83rd Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 32, Sunday

I wanted to get up around 5:30 AM today but failed. It was 6:15 when I awoke. I just got up and turned on the radio the major news was about the historical agreement on the national issue and the border. Today I had to go to Resunga Campus for psycho-social counseling to the people living in quarantine. But at 7:30, Prakash Bhattarai, office assistant oof NERESU, Gulmi phoned me and told me about the cancellation of the program. So, I started my online study and at the same time, I assigned Bunu her Nepali homework. After having tea at around 8:30, I went to have a bath. It took me about half an hour for the task. We had lunch at 10 along with Tanahu STFT training and the closing ceremony of 9 days ICT training by RAHAT TEACHERS COMMITTEE, Nepal. After lunch, I continued watching the program. After 12 I went to school to update IEMIS of grade 3. Parbati ma'am and Manisha missed had already come. We stated hour work just after a short briefing about the upcoming teaching-learning strategy of the local body by Assist. headteacher Yuvraj Aryal sir. We started updating IEMIS of grade 3. It took four hours to complete. Today, too, along with the major task, we joined an online session from STFT, Rupandehi where Mr. Deepak Kafle sir guided us to use the Onenote tool of Microsoft. It seemed useful for us. At 4:30, I came to the room as I had to go to Uppallo Tamghas Quarantine for psycho-social counseling. Then I along with Sarsawati ma'am and Hira ma'am went there. Then at 5:30 PM the program started by Pinkey ma'am. I was assigned to give the introduction about COVID-19, but during the discussion, they were found to have good knowledge about it so I did not talk much about it. We returned to the room at 7;10. After that, I cleaned my hands and son on and went to the roof as Bunu, Basu and other kids were there. It was after a long time I went up!  Then it was about to rain so we came down. I started doing my online activities, Basu prepared supper. At about 8:30 we had supper and then, I assisted Bunu to read her news books of grade LKG, that she had purchased today from school. She was really excited to read them. Seeing her, I also recalled my school days. When I used to get the new books, the first thing that I used to do was to read all the stories from the Nepali book, then others. Then she along with her mother slept and I started blogging. It is raining outside and I am blogging calmly.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

82nd Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 31, Saturday

Today I was in a haste since morning, so I got up at 5:30 AM but did not leave the bed. I had to attend a program at Mahendra Model School related to Psycho-Social Counselling. I turned on the radio and laid down with a cellphone. I got up at 6:30 and became fresh. Then studied the materials for the program with tea. Bunu was still on the bed. I had tea with the preparation and left the room for the spot at 7:50. Nowadays I try to be punctual. I reached the at 8:5. Others personnel were already there and some of theme were still arriving. At about 8:45 Am., the program started. Krishna Khanal, the officer of NERESO, Gulmi started the program under the chair of Akhileshowar Pandey, chairperson of RENAPA-1 and the chief guest was Sita Bhandari, deputy mayor of RENAPA. The program ended at 10:45 and we returned back taking some pamphlets for the program in Siddhababa. After that, I joined an online session from Tanahu and we had lunch. After that, I took rest until Renu ma'am phoned me. Then I went to school to update IEMIS. We filled the date but it was not saved. The system repeatedly showed the message of the ' Read-Only' state of the file. At the same time, we watched the session for NELTA Banke and Rupandehi. It was about the school profile by Eebraj Tiwari in Rupandehi whereas there was a closing Ceremony in Banke. At about 4:15 PM, Saraswati ma'am came for the psycho-Social program, and Renu ma'am returned home. We waited for the guests, but till 4:45 nobody came so we canceled the program and attended the Closing Ceremony of NELTA Banke virtually. At 5:30 we left school. 

After coming to the room, Basu prepared snacks for me. After having that I did some online stuff until supper. At 8:30 we had supper and then I started blogging. Along with blogging, I surfed Facebook too. Today, I found most of the users have used the coat of arms of Nepal with New Nepali Map as it was passed by the parliament unanimously. Maybe it was their way of showing patriotism, but I don't believe that this sort of activity proves anyone's patriotism.

Friday, June 12, 2020

81st Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 30, Friday

Today was a bit different day than yesterday. I got up at 5:30 AM and got fresh. Then I open the radio and laid on the bed with a cellphone. After the BBC, I left the bed and got ready to go to school to update the IEMIS of grade 1. We updated it till 10 and returned to the room. After having lunch, I got ready for the meeting in the Nepal Redcross Society, District Chapter, Gulmi to attend a meeting on 'Psycho-Social Counseling' to the people in the quarantine. At 11:10 AM, I reached there and at 11:30, the meeting started. We made a plan to conduct such a program in four quarantines of the valley. The meeting accomplished at 1:00 PM, and we returned back to the room. During the day time, I took online classes, at 2 PM, the classes from Rupandehi and Banke. Both of them lasted until 5.  From 5, we had another zoom class about the' Microsoft Learning Management System'. Mr. Madhukar Pandey facilitated the session for more than half an hour. After the class, Basu and I practiced on it and learned to use it. After dinner at 8:30PM, Bunu and Basu started watching TV whereas I started blogging. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

80th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 29, Thursday

Today, I did not miss the news as I woke up at 5:30. Then I got fresh and tuned on the radio, and laid down with my mobile. It had been almost 7:20 when I left the bed. Then I helped Basu to clean the floor and got Bubu to get up. After having tea at 8:15 I created the 6th zoom staff meeting for 10:30 AM and circulated the message in the Facebook group and in persons as well. After that, I assigned English homework to Bunu and did my homework on an online course. We had lunch at about 10 and got ready for the meeting. I started it at exactly 10:30, some of the teachers instantly joined but some took more than 15 minutes to connect and even needed personal links! After 15 minutes of starting it, only 12 staff joined it out of 54! Today, we didn't report, rather the headmaster raised the agenda and briefed on it. He informed us to search the Class 10 send-up ledger. As the government decided not to conduct SEE exam and provide grade sheets on the basis of their internal examination and assessment yesterday. He also informed us to update IEMIS as soon as possible and asked us to get ready to reach the students anyway from Asar 1 onwards. I was also asked to tell something regarding MLMS [ Microsoft Learning Management System] that we are going to use in our school soon. I requested all the members of the meeting to get themselves updated and upgrade on ICT and assured them to help them if they need it. I also requested to start updating IEMIS from tomorrow and start it serial wise. Along with the meeting, I joined the online session from Tanahu STFT on Google Classroom which was beneficial to Microsoft class as well. After the conclusion of the meeting there was some informal talk among Hari sir,, Shanti ma'am, Indu ma'am. After the meeting, I joined online classes. At 2 there were two classes simultaneously from Rupandehi, STFT, and NELTA Banke. I joined both of them. There was Bibas Thapa sir in Rupandehi who facilitated on Socrative and Mr. Ashok Sapkot and Man Bahadur Khadka discussed on TPACK and Quizizz in NELTA Banke respectively. After these classes, I kept on practicing on MLMS and Madhukar Pandey sir had sent the username of our school's LMS. So I practiced more, search videos on it from YouTube and set my account, and helped Basu as well. Today, there was no class from STFT. Palpa so I got time to practice more. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

79th Day of Lock Down

Jestha 28, Wednesday2077

Today, I did not miss the news. I could also give time to the BBC and went to buy mutton to Chandra Daiko Masu Pasal with Bunu after having tea. We had to wait for more than half an hour. After coming to the room, Basu started cooking. I guided my daughter to do her Nepali homework. Until she finished her homework I did some stuff on internet alongside helping her in need. At about 10:15 we had masubhat. Then I joined the online class from Tanahu where there was a session on Google tools. I have some knowledge about that so I didn't pay much attention to it and went to school as DB sir had called me to guide the carpenter to make some computer tables for the lab.  I went there around 11:30 and guided them. The observed the school building and commuter lab building sites.

 After that, I started preparing students' class and section-wise detail to send for the Microsoft learning management system. It took me about 2 hours. We had a mini-meeting at school. There were we four DB sir, Yubraj sir, Khimkali ma'am, and I. We planned to call a zoom meeting tomorrow morning at 11 and plan further. During the period, I joined two online classes from NELTA Banke and STFT Rupandehi. In Banke, Laxman Gyawali sir was facilitating in making youtube channel and its usage in teaching-learning whereas in Rupandehi, Miti Raj Gautam facilitated in preparing ledgers sheet, grade sheet and so on in ms excel. I found the latter one more fruitful for me as I had already created a youtube channel. 

At about 4:30 I returned to the room and Bunu and Basu proposed to go to Thumka for an evening walk. We started our journey at 5 and reached there at 5:30.  Though I have been living in Tamghas since 2057 BS, it was the first time, I reached there. It was very nice. It can be developed into a very nice and attractive park, but who cares? We spent almost 35 minutes there and returned back. After returning back I recharged the internet through Esewa and joined a class from STFT Palpa. There too, Tika Gautam Utsuk was taking a class about blogging. It ended at 7:30. Then I helped Basu in cooking and we had supper at 8:30. Bunu and Basu slept, Bunu hardly sleeps so early so she is still doing here and there, I am writing this blog. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

78th Day of Lock Down

Jestha 27, Tuesday

It was a different day than yesterday as I didn't miss the news at 6. After running on the radio, I got fresh and laid down on the bed with mobile [Not good for health]. I listened to Kayakairan with social media surfing. I left the bed after 7 and assisted Basu for cleaning the floor. Then I listened to the BBC and tried to get Bunu up. I made her wake up and helped her to get fresh. Then we had tea. After that Bunu was assigned her Maths homework. Today she did a new task i.e. subtraction. While she was doing her homework, I joined an online session from STFT Bardiya on ' Nepali Unicode' by Prabhat Subedi sir. It was really fruitful. Then we had lunch at around 10. After that, I joined the STFT Tahanu. Along with that, I joined Dailekh and at around 2 I joined classes at a time. One of them was from STFT Rupandehi and another from NELTA Banke. There were the sessions on Technological Tools and Google Tools/ Integrating Facebook in English Language Teaching by Hom Raj Khadka, Pushpa Raj Paudel, and Babita Parajuli respectively.  At around 3:30, we had boiled maize and noodles as snacks. Then I took a webinar on Assessing Reading and Listening Online. After that, I joined another class from STFT Palpa where I learned to create a blog on bloggers. At 8:30 we had supper and started writing this blog. Bunu and Basu kept on watching TV, I too helped them as a hide and sick!  

Monday, June 8, 2020

77th Day of Lock Down

Jestha 26, Monday

This day was also not different from yesterday as I slept till 6:35 and missed the news on Kayakairan. After getting up I just turned on the radio and went to get fresh. After listening to the BBC, I made my daughter get up and had tea. After that, I assigned English homework to Bunu and started learning online on At about 10 we had lunch, after that, I joined the different classes from Tanahu and Dailekh. At about 1 I went to school and printed a grade sheet of Mr. Rabins and mailed it to After returning to the room I joined the classes from NELTA Banke and STFT Rupandehi. The Classes ran up to 5 PM. After that, I joined STFT Palpa which lasted till 7:30. During the period, there were my classmates online on Facebook. We chatted for some time. There was a funny dohori as well.  Specially Hari, Bishnu, Krishna [Pd], and I enjoyed it very much. Later on Narayan Aryal, Krishna Aryal, Dan and Ramesh also joined but didn't take part in the dohori. Some of the friends just watched from behind the curtain.  Today, we missed Narayan Khanal sir very much. Then we had supper and started writing this blog. 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

75th Day of Lock Down

Jestha 24, Saturday

Today I missed the radio program Kayakairan as it had been 6:30 AM when I got up. I just turned on the radio for Nepali Bahas and went to be light. Then I listened to Rishi Dhamala lying on the bed and it was followed by BBC. When I left the bed it had been 7:45. I was in a hurry to catch the zoom meeting related to Brain Gain Center where Mr. Shyam Sharma from America, facilitated on the usage of technology in education. It was coordinated by Mr. Madhukar Pandey, director of Mega Colledge. It lasted until 10. Then I had lunch and joined another class from Tahanu. 

Today, I took online lessons from Dailekh too and attended a few webinars as well. I managed some time for the film 'Ant Attack'  as well. I was alone in the room today as Bunu and Basu had gone to Mamaghar. At 3 I had a half packet of Digestive Biscuit with a glass of hot water, felt lazy to make tea. Then continued learning. In the evening I joined STFT Palpa and leaned to use google jam board from Nirmala Gautam ma'am. It is useful for junior classes. I practiced it for some times. We had supper at around 8:30 PM and Bunu/ Basu started watching mobile clips and I started blogging. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

74th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 23, Friday

I wish the lockdown period would end soon. It has made me too lazy day by day. Today too, I got up at 6:5 just to turn on the radio and laid on the bed till 7:30 having a mobile set in the hand. It had been 7:45, I tried to join a session from Dailekh but couldn't. Having tea, I started my regular job i.e. to assign homework to Bunu. It was English and she wrote from A-Z to names of twelve months. She still needs help to write the last ones. At 9:00, I joined an online session of Nepal Relief Teachers' Association. It was inaugurated by Jay Puri Gharti , Federal Chair of Education and Health Committee, as the chief guest. 

There ware more than 600 teachers from around the country.   Before having lunch I got my hair trimmed after a long time. It had been 10:20 while we started having lunch. After lunch, I joined the classes from Tanuhoo and Bardiya from 2 laptops. It was the last day of Bardiya and the third day of Tanahu. I learned web browse and google docs from Tanahu and some online learning tools and art of happy life from Bardiya.

 After having chapatis as snacks, I practiced what had been taught in the morning session. In the evening I took a bath and washed my clothes. At 7:45 my mates Narayan Khanal, Krishna Aryal [Both], Ramesh, Dan, Lata, Yamuna, Hari joined the group chat, we chatted for some time. At 9 we had supper. After supper too, I joined the chat. Then at 9:45, we ended the chat and I started writing this online diary. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

73rd Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 22, Thursday

I slept till 7 with Kayakairan and Nepali Bahas. After getting fresh, I listened to the BBC and got Bunu to get up. After that, before tea, we three members of the family cleaned the bathroom and the toilet.

It had been almost 8:30 when we had tea. Then at around quarter to nine, Bunu and I started our regular duty. Basu started cooking. At 10:15 we had lunch and I joined the online class from Tanahu. Sambidhan Lamichhane sir facilitated us with the ways of connecting different digital devices. Then, I joined another class from STFT Bardiya, where Panch Dev Bhatta sir and Prabhat Subedi sir helped us to make google sites, blog, and use photoshop and PageMaker respectively.

 At about 2:00, I went to schools DB sir had called me and prepared Book List for 2077 and handed it over to Mr. Vijay Sharma. Then I returned to the room and had snacks. Then I started practicing what had been learned in the day. At 5 PM, I again joined another class from STFT Palpa and learned about using Lekh Diagram App, which was facilitated by Rabina Maharjan. After that there was a webinar of GEIST on ' STEM', I also joined that. After having lunch, Bubu and Basu started watching TV and  I started blogging. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

72nd Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 21, Wednesday

Today, I didn't miss the news. I got up before 6 and turned on the radio and laid down on the bed. It has been routined work nowadays since lockdown started on 11th Chaitra, 2076. Lying down on the bed, I surfed the internet: especially Facebook and online news portals. At about 7:30, I got up and helped Basu to clean the floor. After that, I got freshened and made Bunu got up. Normally, when I make her get up she lunch to me and asks me to take her to the bathroom and clean her face and so on.  Then we had tea. Along with tea. I joined an online session from STFT Tanahu. It was the inauguration day today, so there so was some sort of formal program. I learned to use'Oopenboard", an amazing software for teaching. along with this training, I assigned Bunu some homework of Mathematics. After having meal, I took some rest and created some online lessons on different online tools. Then at around 11, I joined another class from STFT Bardiya. From there, I learned about google tips and tricks along with audio/visual editing. Sambidhan Koirala and Prabhat Subedi sir facilitated the session respectively. Throughout the days I kept on learning alone as Bunu and Basu had gone to Bunu's Mamaghar.  At about 3:30, I prepared tea and had it with 3 pieces of biscuit. In the evening, I joined another class from Palpa STFT where Gopal Prasad Bashyal sir facilitated on ' Competent Teacher, Self Realisation, and Development.  Along with this, I did a webinar on nearpod also. Then at about 7:30, I helped Basu to prepare a meal. She cooked rice whereas I cooked sag. During the period Bunu kept on watching video on mobile I assisted Basu to send and receive the email. 
Then at 8:30 we had supper and came to the bedroom. There they slept and started watching videos on mobile and my permanent Jon at this time is to write a blog. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

71st Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 20, Tuesday

Today, I didn’t miss the news but didn’t pay much attention too. I know there is nothing special except corona, border, and Rukum/Jajarkot incident. I got up at 7:30 after BBC. Then I try to wake up Bunu, but it was not easy. It took me 15 minutes to wake her up. Then, I took her to be fresh and had tea. After tea, I helped Basu to learn to send and receive emails. She learned it very fast and repeated it time and again.

At 9:30 she started her job of cooking lunch whereas Bunu and I started her homework. It was the English period. She did all and I supported to write the name of wild animals' name. We ate around 11 AM. Since lockdown started we have no fixed time for lunch, snacks, and supper.  After having lunch, I started online learning, Bunu and Basu passed their time with mobile and TV. At 1 I joined a class from Bardiya and leaned to use google classroom. It was not a new topic for me so I gave some time for entertainment and films as well. At 3 we had snacks. Then I kept on having class whereas Bunu and Basu watched the film ' Saino'. 

In the evening, I joined another class from STFT Palpa, where Srijana Khanal ma'am took the lesson on' School Portfolio'. After lesson, I myself practiced and made a sample one. Today I also became a life and active member for STFT [ Society of Technology Friendly Teachers, Nepal] for which I paid Rs. 2000/- via esewa and after some time I got the membership certificate in my mail. We had supper at 8:45PM while having it I continued listening to a webinar on using LMS in teaching-learning. Then Bunu and Basu started massaging the mobile and U started blogging. 

70th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 19, Monday

Today, I missed Kayakairan as it had been 6:30 AM when I got up! When I got up, there was no electricity so I couldn't listen to Nepali Bahas as well. At around 7:45, Bunu also got up and when had tea with chapati. Then Bunu and I started doing the daily work of her assignment. It was English today, so she easily did it. It had been 10:30 when we had lunch. Then I started doing online classes for Today, there were not any online session so I watched the film' Ajhai Pani and assigned some online activities to the students. Sometimes I wonder what would I do if there were no internet and gadgets like mobile and internet! But immediately, I got the answer 'BOOKS'. I often feel very sorry for the books that I have bought not have not read yet. Today I attended another class from STFT Palpa on Digital Tools; nearpod by Narayan sir and attended a webinar on' Digital Instruction for Nearpod Beginners' from the company itself where I practiced itself features interactively. After having a meal at 8 PM, we watch a TV serial ' Kanchhi-9, then Busu slept Bunu kept on watching TV. I started doing my last job of blogging.

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