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Sunday, May 31, 2020

69th Day of Lock Down

Jestha 18, Sunday

It was not a different day than yesterday. The morning passed as usual. I left the bed at 7:45AM.  I got Bunu to wake up and helped her to get fresh. Then, Bunu and I prepared tea and had it. Basu was busy washing clothes.  Then we started our daily task of homework. Today it was Maths. She wrote 1-100, १-१००, One-1 to Twenty-20, fill in the blanks and addition. Then at around 10:30, we had lunch. I did some online assignments. Then I st surfed the net for some time. Then I completed an online course on ' Mastering Personal and Professional Growth' from Charles Sturt University, Australia. Then Bunu and I went to the meat shop to buy chicken to make dumplings as snacks. Then we made dumplings and had them. As we had had too much of them we didn't have supper to maintain our stomach. Then I watched the film 'MOHANJODAARO' It was a film based on the historic event featured by Hritik Roshan. Then I sat for blogging. 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

68th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha17, Saturday

The tiredness has not ended yet. That has made us feel lazier. Although the eyes opened at 5:30 AM, laid on the bed till 6. I surfed Facebook along with news which covered Corona, budget, and border dispute. Then I left the bed at 7 and got refreshed. Then I tried to wake up Bunu. today, she got up with less effort. I helped her to get fresh. We, father and daughter, made tea, Basu cleaned the floor. After having tea, Bunu and I started our regular duty. It was English today. She did A-Z, a-z, Aa-Zz, A for apple-Z for zebra, Fill up the gaps, write the name of body parts, write the name of seven days, write the name of twelve months, write the name of domestic animals and wild animals. She did all well but felt a bit difficult while doing January, February. She reminded my school life while I was in grade- 4. I could not write any neither Sunday, Monday nor January, February. I even couldn't identify small alphabets! She completed it at 9:30. During the period I did my online assignment. I have joined English online class through ''. It a wonderful platform to learn English. We had lunch at 10:30. At around 11 I started preparing online lessons for the students. I also joined PABSON's online meeting as Pushkar sir reminded me. The discussion on that platform was good on Education in the pandemic and post COVID environment. 
At 2, I joined another session from NELTA Morang, there was also a good discussion, I enjoyed Guna Raj Nepal, NELTA Chair of Morang's presentation. It was a good one. Along with the online session, I assigned some tasks to the students as well. Students of grade 10 [New] like Alisha, Kabita, Bikash are active in learning online. I love such students very much. After having snacks, I joined another class from STFT Palpa. There was a session on ' Multimedia, by Prabhat Subedi sir from Bardiya. It was on the techniques of taking photos and videos. I liked it. In the evening a did some online courses and support Basu in the kitchen by cooking vegetables. Basu and Bunu, they entertained me by dancing in different songs. We had supper around 8:30 PM and wend to sleep. Bunu started to watch videos on mobile whereas Basu slept. Blogging has been my regular duty after supper nowadays. While blogging too, I kept on watching facebook and news portals, there is news of a suicide case of a 56 years old person in quarantine in Digam. The government has extended the lock-down till Jestha 32. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

67th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 16, Friday

My eyes opened at 5:30 PM, but I did not get up till 5 to 6.  Then I turned on the radio and fell down on the bed. The news was focused on Budget and Corona. I surfed net along with the news lying on the bed and got up at around 7. Getting fresh, I had a cup of tea, helped my daughter with her homework. It was Nepali today. She started doing, I supported her whenever she needed and asked. I myself engaged in online learning classes. After having lunch, I engaged myself in online learning and joined a class from STFT, Basic Level Training. There, Bibas Jung Thapa sir facilitated using Quizizz. Today I also manage time for a Science fiction film ' Prometheus' In the afternoon I joined a conference of NELTA Morang. There was a theoretical discussion and presentation from the veteran scholars. Along with these learning, I also assigned some online work to my students of grade 10 as well. In the evening, I joined another class from Palpa STFT, it was on a video editing software Filmora 9. After that we worked in the kitchen, I prepared salad. While having and after that, I chatted with classmates at the school level and finalized the per head amount of the fund that we are going to collect. The conversation ended with a hopeful note, but I doubted as it is very difficult to make many minds one on such an issue is not a joke. Then I did some exercise of my online class and set for the bed. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

66th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 15, Thursday

When something becomes your habit, it's hard to change. My habit of getting up late is an example. Eyes open around 5:30 AM all most every day, but I hardly get up. Today, too I got up at 5:50 and got fresh. Then I turned on the radio and laid on the bed awake. When I left the bed, it had been 7. Yesterday's hard labor had made us very tired. Some times, I wish I had not gone to the field and again realize that if not I then who? So is the condition of Basundhara too. Today to we had made a plan to manage the fencing of the plot. So got our daughter to get up and had tea. Bunu took some biscuits as well. We also joined her. Then at about 7:45 AM, went to the filed. It took almost 2 hours to manage it. Then we turned to the room. After washing hands and tools, Basundhara started the job of preparing food. Bunu went to play with Karina, I started preparing some online teaching items for the students as I had not done so in the previous day due to tiredness. Around 11:15 we had lunch. Then Basundhara and Bunu started washing dishes. I cleaned the floor. Then I started preparing online quizzes. Today I managed some time to watch a Hindi film' 1971'which was based on the POWs of India/ Pakistan war of 1971. During the period I assigned some online tasks to the students. 

At 5 PM, I joined online class from STFT Palpa. Today, Eebraj Tiwari sir [President of STFT Nepal Province No-5] facilitated us with Powerpoint tips and tricks. It was very useful. During the time, I also sent a requested note to Narayan sir to circulate among the mates of Batch-56 for gathering their opinion on the formation of a fund. After having meal around 8, I started blogging, Bunu and Basu slept.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

65th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 14th, Wednesday

Today, as it had planned yesterday, I got up at quarter to six, opened the radio, put the mobile on charge and went to get fresh. Basundhara also got up. Today, we had planned to work on the maize field. Bunu was still sleeping. I tried to wake her up but all in vain. We had lemon tea, took the spades, and went to makai Khanna. Bunu did not wake up and slept alone in the room.  Basundhara started and I started taking out the unnecessary plants of maize. I was doing this task after a long time. It was fun but difficult as I had not to be used to. Later on, I joined Basundhara. While we were working, Parbati Didi came and joined us. After a while, Reneni did also joined use. It had been 9:30 AM when we finished. By the time we finished, we ourselves had broken down. We returned to the room at about 10 and after washing, Basundhara started cooking, I bought 1 kilo of Yogurt and prepared banana lassi. We had lunch at about 11:30AM. I had a call from the school. It was DB sir. He called me to send a mail to MOE. I went around 12 noon and prepared a letter and some documents to send there, scanned them, and mailed. 

At about 2 PM, the sky overcast and it started thundering so I ran home. There was no electricity. It has been a few days since the electricity has not been stable. So today too I couldn't prepare any worksheet for the students. After coming to the room I got fresh and took noodles and tea as snacks and slept for a while. After some time from 5 PM, I joined online training from Palpa STFT. It was about creating a quiz on Powerpoint by Brihaspati Lamsal sir. It was nice. I like his presentation skill and voice very much. At about 8, we had supper. Then I  prepared a request letter to Batch No- 56 and posted it to Narayan sir. After that, I started blogging and Basu and Bunu slept. While blogging, I also joined the chat with a Bachelor classmate on the Facebook group. There was a new friend from Canada: Shova Marasini and Rajan from the USA. We chatted on Corona pandemic, Nepali politics, and border dispute for a while then there was 10:40 PM on the clock and I convinced myself for sleeping. Good night. Stay at home: Stay safe.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

64th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 13, Tuesday

This day also was not different from yesterday. I left the bed at seven and got fresh before BBC. I listened to it and got my daughter to get up. Today she easily got up. She didn't fight with me as usual. We three members of the family did 7 steps exercise for back pain. Then, we had tea and a biscuit. Then I assigned homework to my daughter. She did as usual. While she was doing here task, I surfed the internet. Then about 10, we had lunch and till 1, I had not any specific task as I had no online class today for the students. So I watched a film based on aliens 'District 9'. At 1, I joined the webinar from Province No- 2. It was the last day, there were three sessions, Dr. Laxman Gyawali, Dr. Krishna Devkota and the tree teachers from Terai namely Amit Kumar Karn, Gyanendra Yadav, and Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav presented on 'Adapting to new technologies to make difference', Issues of Social Inclusion in EFL Policies, Pedagogies and enactments in Nepal' and 'Online classes in Province No- 2, prospects and challenges' respectively. It concluded at 4:30 PM. Then I learned some tips and tricks about PowerPoint. At about 7:30, I helped Basundhara in the kitchen by preparing salad, while making it, my classmates appeared on the Facebook chat. I joined them along with my task. Today Ramu G C [BIG] appeared for a while but I couldn't talk to him as I was having my supper at the moment. The conversation continued until late at night. Today we talked on a genuine issue. Krishna Aryal [Chaptari] proposed to establish a fund and support school from Batch No- 56. I remained him that Narayan Khanal had proposed this sort of plan a few years back, Then we discussed the issue and I was given the task of preparing a request letter in the name of all Batch mate till tomorrow. I accepted. As, in my view, it can be a good medium to link us up and can be a good example to the other Batch as well. Then as it was getting late for bed, we waved each other with a good night. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

63rd Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 12, Monday

Today I missed the news of 6 AM. My eyes had awoken at 5:30 AM, but I did not get up and slept again. When I awoke it had been 6:30. Rishi was shouting. Then I got up and became fresh and started the exercise with bahas. Today, Bunu got up a little late. Then we had tea and started with Bunu's homework. It was Maths. She did it as usual. We had our lunch at 11:30 as Basu forgot to light the gas on. Then after having lunch, I sat for preparing worksheets for grade 10. I prepared for Sentence Transformation. And at the same time, I designed a certificate and linked it with the test. 

Then at 1:00, I joined a two days webinar from province no. 2. There were the sessions of Jai Raj sir, Hemanta sir, and Bishwa Gautam sir. But I couldn't enjoy much as the electricity disturbed me very badly.  Then I assigned the online test to the students at 3 and at the same time I joined Young Leaders of the Americans Initiative and did two online courses from there.  In the evening, I joined another class of google docs and forms from Palpa STFT. It was also useful. Later on we had supper and came to the bedroom. I did some sort of task on the computer. Today, the electricity really disturbed till late at night. But at the same time I got a chance to play with my daughter. Sometimes these gadgets keep us away from our family and deprive us of real love and affection.  

Sunday, May 24, 2020

62nd Day of Lock-Down

Jeshtha 11, Sunday

Listened Kayakairan with 7 step exercise until 6:30 and then continued with Nepali Bahas. Then I got fresh and sent some message to the colleagues and friends for today's scrabble meeting with Scrabble Club Pokhara. I had tea along with the task. Then I helped the daughter to do her homework. As she had not done her homework yesterday, she had to do a little bit more today. She did English today. I gave her maths also but she did and kept it for tomorrow. We had lunch at 10:15 and got ready for the meeting. It was nice as I learned to register in ISC[ Internet Scrabble Club ]. Then I got a call from School. DB sir called me to fix the internet as Krishna Khanal was also coming.

 I went there. Basundhara had already gone there to settle the quarantine. I left Bunu, Motu, and Mayara together to play and went but felt uneasy as they were along without any guardians. We, Krishna, and I tried to fix the ADSL internet but the router had got damaged and there was the scarcity of that in the market. So the problem remained unsolved. Basundhara, Shanit Ma'am, Sarada ma'am, and Bhagwati ma'am were busy with quarantine settlement. I also helped for keeping out the desks and benches from the classrooms. I had a cup of black tea and returned back to the room. Basundhara had already come back. After that Basundhara prepared chapati as snacks, we had them and I started to prepare google forms on sentence transformation for grade 10. Basundhara read 'Radha' Bunu watched TV and mobile. After having a meal at 8:30 PM. I sat for blogging, Basu slept and Bunu kept on watching TV until I was about to finish. 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

लकडाउनको एकसाठ्ठीऔँ दिन

जेठ १० गते, शनिवार

आज ५ः४५ मा आँखा खुले ।रेडियो खोलेपछि बसेर कायाकैरन सुनिएन । सात बजे उठेर नित्यकर्म गरियो । अनि नुहाइ धुवाइतर्फ लागियो धेरै दिनपछि । आज जेठ १० गते, शनिबार अनि छोरीको जन्मदिन पनि । आजबाट छोरी ५ वर्ष पुुगेर ६ मा लागिन् । विगतका वर्षमा अल्लि उल्लाहसपूर्व तवारले जन्मदिन मनाइन्थ्यो । यस वर्ष वातावरण असहज भएकाले त्यस्तो केही योजना बनाएका छैनौँ । नुहाइ धुवाइपछि छोरीलाई उठाइ नुहाउन अनुरोध गर्यौँ । 

बसुन्धराले नुहाइदिइन् । मैले चियाको तरखर गरेँ । नुहाएपछि छोरीले आमासँगै पूजा गरिन् । अनि हामीले उनलाई टीका लगाई आर्शिवाद दियौँ । टीकाभन्दा दक्षिणा पाएर छोरी मख्ख । उफ्रिँदै दक्षिणा लगेर आफ्नो पर्समा राखिन् । कति राम्रो बानी । हामी सानोमा विशेषतः दशैमा दक्षिणा पाउँदा कतिखेर खर्च गरौँ, मिठाइ खाउँ हुन्थ्यो । छोरीका साथीहरु मोटु र मायरा पनि उनीसँगै खुसी थिए । आज छोरीको गृहकार्य  गर्ने नियमित कार्य अवरुद्ध भयो । १०ः१५ बजेतिर खाना खायौँ, सामान्य खाना । दिउसो सामान्य रह्यो । मैले विभिन्न अनलाइन प्लेटफर्महरुमार्फत सिक्ने कार्यहरु जारी राखेँ । छोरी खेल्न व्यस्त । बसुन्धरा कृष्ण धरावासीकाो राधासँगै व्यस्त । बेलाबेलामा फेसबुकमा पनि आँखा गइरहेका थिए । छोरीको जन्मदिनको शुभकामना हेर्न । साँझ पख पनि केही त्यस्तो रमझम भएन । सामान्य खानपिन भयोे । छोरीको केकाको अनुरोधलाई लकडाउन खुलेपछि बाबुछोरी नै गएर  किन्ने ससर्तमा साम्य पारियो ।

Friday, May 22, 2020

60th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 9, Friday

Today too I got a quarter to 6 AM and got fresh and turned on the radio before lying on the bed. I stayed on the bed till 7 just moving my hands and limbs in the name of exercise. Then along with the BBC and did some specific exercises and at 7:30 AM, I had a glass of water followed by half glass of black tea. My daughter has been lazier than me, she got up late and didn't drink tea neither she had breakfast. At 9 we sat for her works. She did maths exercises today. I added something new such as the addition of two digits. She solved them easily. After 10 AM we had lunch and I sat to create google forms for my students. Then I assigned them to the students. No many but 5, 6 students participated and got certificates. Alisha Sharma, Bikash Pun, Dipesh Paharai. Osika, Ansu, Anuska, Dewasis are really trying to connect with online classes from grade 10. After that 1 I joined the e-conference of NELTA organized by Karnali Province. It was the final day today. May scholars from home and abroad participated and presented. Among them the presentations of Dr. Laxman Gyawali, Dr. Govinda Bhattarai, Prof. Amnita from India were worthy to hear. Among their presentation, I also participated in the webinar of the British council which was on ' Distance Learning Tools/ Platforms'. It was also useful and contextual. In the conference of NELTA Karnali Province, there was some technical problem and almost all of the organizers got disconnected. Anyway Jai Raj sir handled it. It concluded at around 7. I continued with the learning of google docs. It has lured me nowadays.After having supper today, I supported Basundhara in kitchen work to make Rasbari for our daughter's 6th birthday tomorrow. Then I started blogging and Bunu and Basu started watching TV, I also peeped sometimes and kept on writing. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

59th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 8th, Thursday

I got up at ten to six visited the restroom. Then I and turned on the radio, had a sip of water, and laid on the bed till 6:30. After that, I did some exercise. Today, Bunu didn't get up till late. Nowadays she has been very lazy. At 8 along with the sip of tea, I scheduled 4th Zoom Staff Meeting for 11:00 AM as DB sir had suggested to me yesterday. Then at 8:40AM. Bunu got up. I took her to the restroom and helped her to get fresh. Then I asked her to do daily homework but she refused as she got up late today. Her mother told her to do in the day time. She agreed and went to play with her friend. I continued with the meeting arrangement. I posted the notice on the Facebook Group of our school staff. I also sent the link to some staff in the individual message box too. Then we had our meal and got ready for the meeting. I started the meeting at 11:50 AM sharp. Suresh sir joined it instantly. We had some casual conversation until other colleagues joined us. Then we started the meeting with 13 teachers namely  DB sir, Hari sir, Basundhara ma'am, Shanti ma'am, Rabi sir, Krishna sir, Suresh sir, Anju ma'am, Kusum ma'am, Renu ma'am, Bipina ma'am, Manisha ma'am and me.   First of all we reported our progress on the task that had been assigned us in the last meeting. Then DB sir directed us some of the tasks such as to provide results of the final exam if it still remains. He also told us to keep in contact with students and guardians and provide them with project work to be done at home. 

The meeting ended at 12:30. Then from 12:45 PM, I joined another meeting called ''COMBAT COVID-19 with MOOC'' organized by American Embassy. In the meeting, I had to express my experience of MOOC [ Massive Open Online Courses]. As Baman Ghimire sir had told me a few days ago. I shared my MOOC experience in 3 minutes. It ended at 3 PM. After that I did some self-practice on google docs. I also joined another conference from Karnali Province. There were panel discussions and presentations. At 5 PM, Basu and Bunu, they started Bunu's homework of Mathematics. I joined another session from Palpa STFT. I joined that.  There was a session on ' Google Classroom' by Shree Krishna Acharya. It was useful. I knew something about it in advance so I didn't pay much attention to it and chatting with my intimate friend 'Narayan Khanal'. We had a long chat regarding the present scenario of the country, technology, literature, education, pedagogy, and so on.  I also prepared a google form of 100 marks on preposition to assign to the students. Today, Bom Bahadur Kunwar sir, who was fighting with CORONA[?] passed away. There were many posts of condolences and sympathy with his photographs. It rendered my heart but we have to bear everything in life. I also expressed condolences and sympathy in one of the posts. Then at 8 PM, We had supper, Bunu didn't as she had eaten much chatarmatar at day time as snacks. Then at 9 I started watching News 24 as there was a discussion on border dispute in Sidha Kura Janata Sanga. Along with that I started blogging too. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

58th Day of Luck-Down

Jestha 7th, Wednesday

My body did not leave the bed until 6:30 AM. Now a day I hate listening to the news as there is nothing more than COVID-19 and Border Dispute. Then I started doing physical exercise. At 7:15, on BBC to the nature and the content of the news was not more than that of Nepali media. At 7:45, we had tea and start for the daily task. It was the English Period today. My daughter did various 9 questions today with perfect handwriting. Then she started playing with her friend Motu, I started practicing google docs that I learned yesterday. At 10, we had lunch, it was Aato, sag, and tarkari which reminded my village home and mother's cooking. Today there was not any session from NELTA Chitwan as Batuk sir's mother passed away. Throughout the day until 1:30,  I watched Kanchhi Serial with my family. It was so pathetic. I also practiced myself on google docs and prepared some grammar questions for grade 10. From 1:30 I joined E-Conference organized by Sudurpashchim Province. It was a grand e-conference as many scholars from home and abroad participated in it. As it was the first day, NELTA Central Committee Members like Motikala Madam, Sarita Madam, Hemanta Sir delivered the inauguration speech in short. Then there was a panel discussion. After that Bishwa Raj sir present his session. It continued until  6. But as there was another important session from STFT Palpa, I left that a little earlier and joined Palpa's program, where Bal Kumar Regmi sir guided us to use google docs, sheet, and preparing the ledger on it. It was really useful. After it finished I practiced it for some time. Then after having a meal, I started writing this blog diary. Bunu and Basu began to watch Harke Haldar, some time I also glanced!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

57th Day of Lock Down

Jestha 6th, Tuesday

Today, I awoke at 3:50 AM. I just went to the restroom, came back, and check Facebook as there was remorse of Bom Bahadur sir's death yesterday evening. I could not find there except the discussion on the issue. Then I slept again. At 5:55, I got up and turned on the radio for Kayakairan and started doing exercise. I left the bed at 7:30 after BBC. After having tea I started my duty of helping my daughter with her homework. It was a Nepali period. I got her क देखि ज्ञ सम्मका व्यञ्जन वर्ण, अ देखि अः सम्मका स्वर वर्ण, खाली ठाउँ भर्ने, दुई अक्षरले बनेका शब्दहरु लेख्ने, आकार लागेका शब्दहरु लेख्ने र क का बाह्रबरी ।  She did very well. During the period, I prepared some test items in Nearpod App for grade 10. From 9 AM there was a webinar from Cambridge University Press. I attended that. From 10 AM there was another zoom training from NELTA Chitwan, where Mr. Eebraj Tiwari, the president of STFT Nepal Province No. 5 facilitated us with Powerpoint tips and tricks. Then after having a meal, I kept myself busy on online learning and creating materials for online teaching. Then after having snacks I joined the online courses and did some units and watched some videoes on youtube. At 5:30 there was another zoom training from Palpa STFT. I joined that and learned to use google drive from Balkrishna Regmi sir. It was very useful. At around 7:30 PM I had chat with my classmates; Narayan Khanal, Krishna Pd. Aryal, Ramesh Thapa, Dan Ghimire, Krishan Aryal, and Hari Bhandari. We discussed various issues for some time. Then After having supper too, we continued chatting for some time. The electricity cut off disconnected me from friends. After that, I started blogging.

Monday, May 18, 2020

56th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 5th, Monday

It was the 56th day of lock down. This morning I got up at 5:46 and got fresh. Then I turned on the radio and started doing exercise. Along with that I listened to the radio. The major issues of the Kayakairan and Nepali Bahas was the policies and program of the government of Nepal for the fiscal year 2077 and the COVID-19 Pandemic. After having tea I helped Bunu to do the home work and it was the turn of Mathematics. She did as usual. Today I gave her the addition of 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5 and she did it easily. At 9 PM to 10:30 there was a panel discussion on zoom among Prof. Vishnu Sing Rai, Motikala Subba, Dr. Kashiraj Pandey and Prof. Kirck Bracha on ' Pedagogic Process on Creative Writing. After lunch I attended another session fron NELTA Chitwan on ' Nearpod annd Socrative: Digital /Online Tools for ELT' by Bibas Thapa. Both of the tools were really useful and applicable. Then there was Laxman Gyawali sir's session on ' Woes of New Migrants: Facing the Challenges in Teaching Online'.  Today, I went to school as Dor Bikram Sir called me to fix the internet. I tried everywhere, but couldn't find the fault. I returned to room. Then there was another session from 1:40 onward by Amma Raj Joshi on ' Close Reading :An Imperative Process on Poetry Writing.' Then after that Prof. Dr. Abhi Subedi sir presented on Teaching Literature in New Context of ELT'. Then there was the last session by Gray Barkhuizen on 'Exploring Language Teacher Identity: How and Why?' with this the 6 days conference ended. Today also I got busy on online studies along with zoom training. Basu and Bunu, went to mamaghar so I stayed alone and visited around the world. Rupa didi provided me with snacks. At 5:30 there was another zoom training session from STFT Palpa where Mr. Khem Raj Paudel taught us to create YouTube Channel which was really interesting. I also decorated my channel learning something new from there. It was praticable. Moreover the instructor asked everyone to do the task along with him. If you like, you can visit my channel here: In the evening, Bunu and her mother went to Thumka with others persons living in the house, I continued learning online. Now a days google and youtube have been my best teachers. They returned at 7 and started cooking, I purposed to help but Basu told me to play with Bunu. W played fro sometimes. After supper, we watched TV [ Bhunti-10] and then I started writing this blog and they laid on the bed. But hearing the news of death of  one of the teachers of Gulmi[Bom Bahadur Kunwar] who has been reported to be COVID-19 Positive, I hardly concentrated myself on writing. While writing, I often opened facebook to confirm the news. All in vain but some of the post stated that he is alive and undergoing the treatment in ICU and ventilator. I had a rage for so called mushroom like online and journalists, who always haste to share the news, photos and videos, forgetting the minimum ethics of journalism.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

55th Day of Lock-Down

Jestha 4th, Sunday

After getting fresh, I turned on the radio and listened to the BBC. And then did some physical exercise. Then I got my daughter to get up and helped her to get fresh. We had tea and started our daily duty of doing homework. Today, it was English period. I made her write A-Z, a-z, Aa-Az, Names of body parts, Names of domestic animals, Names of 7 days, Copy the name of 12 months. My daughter did everything perfectly. Along with helping her, I completed an online course from Johns Hopkins University America on COVID-19 Contact Tracing. Then I joined NELTA Online Conference of Province No.7 where there was a panel discussion between Dr. Laxman Gyawali, Mrs. Madhu Neupane and Dr. Jai Raj Awasthi on ' Research Avenues:Process, Possibilities and Challenges'. Then after lunch,  from 10 to 11 NELTA Chitwan conducted a training session on ' Collaboration Using Google Tools' by google certified Trainer and Innovator Mr. Sushil Upreti from GEG Ktm. It was wonderful session to learn about different google tools such as google drive, docs, forms, jamboard, classroom etc.. Then throughout the day I spent on google tools and youtube to learn about google forms, automatic certificate formation and others. 
                             In the afternoon, I again joined the NELTA Conference where Dr. Minh Ngyen from New Zealand presented o 'Pragmatics in the Second Language Classroom'. Similarly Mrs. Sarita Dewan, the training coordinator of NELTA reviewed the role of NELTA during lock down period to empower ELT teachers. Likewise Prof. Gabriel Hugo Diaz Maggioli, the vice-president of TESOL, discussed on 'Fab Fout': Teacher Education Mataphors We Teach By'. All the sessions were useful and appropriate to the time. In the evening I along with Bunu and Basundhara,  enjoyed the light breeze in the terrace. They after 7 :00 PM, Basundhara started cooking supper and Bunu and me started watching TV and learning online.  After having supper at 8:30 I sat for blogging. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

54th Day of Lock down

Jestha 3rd, Saturday

I have heard that the problem when shared with others reduces. It came to be true today. Yesterday I shared the problem of my laziness and today I could get  at 6:30, just after Kayakairan. Today I did full physical exercise. Today I had tea with BBC. After that we [Bunu and Me] started our daily duty of doing homework. It was Nepali period today. I assigned her क देखि ज्ञ सम्म लेख्नुहाेस् । अ देखि अः सम्म लेख्नुहाेस् । दुई  अक्षरले बनेका शब्दहरू लेख्नुहाेस् । आकार लागेका शब्दहरू लेख्नुहाेस् । अनि क देखि ग सम्मका बाह्रखरी लेख्नुहाेस् । I don't have to write time and again how did she do! As you have already read in my previous diary. While she was doing it I prepared some google forms test papers for my students. And then from 9 AM I joined the zoom virtual conference organized by NELTA Province No. 7. There were wonderful sessions from great scholars like Prof. Z.N Patil [India] and Dr. Tikaram Paudel[TU]. Prof. Patil discussed on ' Aspects of Spoken English' [ Without using slides. I have never seen using slides!] and Dr. Tikaram Paudel presented on 'English in Nepal:Discourses on Libration, Resistance and Domination. On the topic, Dr. Paudel presented a fine historical background of English language development in Nepal along with in the other parts of the world. It was a very good session. After lunch hastly, I joined another online training session from NELTA Chitwan. Mr. Gopal Prasad Bashyal sir presented on 'Adapting Tech to No Tech or Law Tech Context'. It was really relevant in the present context. Then I had some tweet conversation on some political issue with my intimate friend[ In fact he is like our family member] Narayan Khanal, currently he is in Japan. He, in his writing sounded quite anxious regarding the current political scenario of the county and so am I. Today I had made a plan to watch the film 'Dasdhunga' but it failed as I engaged myself in doing an online course on ' COVID-19: Awareness and Prevention' from Global Institute of Healthcare Management[GIHM], India. Along with this I also engaged with google forms and worksheets. After snacks, I joined the virtual conference of NELTA, where two veteran scholars: Mr. Bal Ram Adhikari [TU] and Dr. Chintamani Yogi., Bhanubhakta Bhatta and Surendra Raj Ojha's Panel.  Mr. Adhikari presented on 'Search for Research Problematising  and Sourcing' whereas the panelists discussed on 'Emphasizing Human Values in Education'. They discussed on the degrading values and norms in present education system. In the evening we the mates[Narayan Khanal Japan, Krishna Prasad Aryal Japan, Hari Bhandari Ktm, Dan Ghimire Dubai and Me Tamghas,{Dan didn't stay long}] of Ranrajya Secondary School Batch-2056BS, discussed the different issues as interlinked discourse. However,the center of the discussion was politics which affects each and every aspects of human life. The discussion lasted for more than 2 hours and then at about 8:15 PM, we ended it as I had to have supper.

Friday, May 15, 2020

53rd Day of Lock Down

Jestha 02, Friday 

It's really hard to find the medicine of laziness! Do you have? I couldn't leave the bed util 7 AM. 
Today I couldn't listen BBC as there was not radio in my restroom. After having tea at around 7:30 I started my regular and most important duty i.e. to get my daughter to do her homework. It was Mathematics period today. I gave her to write from 1 to 100. One to Twenty. १ देखि १०० जस्ताकाे तस्तै सार्नुहाेस् , and count and write. She did everything perfectly, I only had to help her while writing Eleven to Twenty!  Today There was a zoom class from 10 AM from NELTA Chitwan. It was about MOOCing by Baman Ghimire sir from Pokhara. I remember, I had first met him in Pokhara in 2017 while I was there with my 39 students and colleagues Pooja Gnyawali, Mohan Paudyal and Saraswati Bhandari as Access Instructor for American Embassy and NELTA. There Baman sir had conducted a session on MOOCing. Since then I became crazy of MOOCing and till now I have done more that 100 MOOC courses from different universities of the world and institutions. I have also encouraged my students. Some them like Nikesh, Madhab have completed more than 2 dozens of courses. He also remembered me for my dedication to promote MOOC campaign. I am happy. One doesn't have to go to the UK and the USA for learning in the top universities there, if one has an interest and determination, as Baman  sir often says the top universities of the world are under the tips of your fingers. Then I prepare google forms quiz on English for my grade 10 students. Some of they did very well and got habituated with online activities in a short time. I provided them certificate for encouragement and ask them to post on the group so that other can be inspired. But it did not appeared to be so fruitful. We know that we can take a thirty man to a tap but can't make him drink. This proverb became meaningful here to some extent. At afternoon, having snacks I joined another session of NELTA conference from Province No. 7 there was a panel discussion of well known scholars like, Balram Adhikari, Govinda Raj Bhattarai and Jagdish Paudel. I enjoyed their discussion on 'Reading Pedagogy'. After panel discussion. I involved with students, provided them some quizzes on Verbs forms and Tag Questions. Today I got a friend request of my school friend Tanka Prasad Adhikari. We shared what about. I remember him when we were in six seven, he was very tall and slim, I was not so short and fat either. It was very hard to defeat him in Kabaddi as none could catch hold him because of this long and lanky body. After 6:30 PM. Gopal Bista sir came. We had chat on this and that. He told me about his side business of developing software and showed me some examples. I also advised him some points to be considered while developing any software specially for school. He viewed our school's software and website as well. We had a short video chat with Hari Gnyawali and Pooja ma'am as well. After that I had super along with Basundhara and Bunu. They I started blogging up to 9 PM.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

52nd Day of Lock Down

Jestha 01, Thursday

Today was the first day of  Jestha.  I awoke at 6 and proved my laziness lying on bed till 7 AM. Then I got fresh and had tea. Then my regular job of helping my daughter with her homework started. She did English homework today. I gave her the questions like: Write from A-Z. , Write Aa-Zz., Fill in the blanks a......c......e ....., Write the name of seven days.Write the name of body parts.Write the name of domestic animals. . She did very well. I remembered when I was in grade 4, I could not write the name of seven days. My daughter has just passed nursery! While my daughter was doing her homework, I went through my Facebook. It reminded me of my brother's [Surya] birthday. I wished him virtually. It also recalled the incident of his birth. It was the evening of 1st Jestha, 2040 BS. My mother came home after doing some agricultural task in some neighbor's house. I remembered she had carried some fodders for the cattle as well. She got then rest and went to toilet [ A place away from home beneath bamboo bush]. But, to my surprise, while coming she was carrying a baby. She seemed so calm as if nothing had happened. She asked me to call someone to help, but none was around there. I had called somebody, but whom I forgot now. When he got young and sometime got mother angry she used to call him that he was not her son, she had found him beneath the bamboo tree. We still make a fun of him saying so when we meet. Then I joined a Zoom class of  NELTA Province No. 7. Then after lunch from NELTA Chitwan and Then from NELTA Gandaki too. Today too, my whole day passed with MOOCing, taking Zoom classes and learning to form google forms, quizzes and online exams. My plan was to watch a film too, but the charm of learning through online overcame that. I spent some of my time to add/ search the students in the Facebook closed group: Siddhababa School Grade 10 Batch-2077. And I also created some quizzes for them on google forms. I love multitasking . I can't stuck on with one thing specially while I am online. So along with having online zoom classes, I prepared google forms, searched students, added then in the group and messaged them. Today,I had to cook supper as Basundhara had a sever headache. We had super at 8 and I telephoned my mother, she along with sister was about to sleep. We talked for sometimes on this and that. After that I started blogging.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

51st Day of Lock Down

Baishakh 31st, Wednesday

Today too, my morning was as usual. I got up after BBC. I got fresh and had a cup of tea and started help my daughter to do her homework. She did Nepali homework today. She wrote क to ज्ञ , क का  कि , दुइ अक्षरले बनेका शब्दहरू, कार लागेका शब्दहरू। I supported her when she felt difficulty. Then we went up the  roof and enjoy the sunny day even in the month of Baishkh. Basundhara took bath, washed the clothes and came their. We three enjoyed there till 10:15 and we had our lunch. While having lunch, I just remembered about an online training on ELT and ran to computer room and joined the class. It was organized by NELTA Chitwan. Then from 1:00 another Zoom training session started from NELTA Gandaki Province. I also joined that and learned integration of skills in lesson, ICT tools and language teaching, and blended learning from Vaishali Pradhan, Dr. Suman Laudari and Kamal Raj Lamsal respectively. Today I passed almost the day learning virtually. After having rice pudding as snacks, I joined the International Virtual Conference organized by NELTA Province NO-7. It was great. Later on I myself learnt to add automatic certificate and time laps in online quiz formed using google forms. It was a new technique for me. I did a practical session on it myself. It really worked😀. 
After having supper, I continued to learn the use to the tools, I learnt today. They are very good to use to assist the teaching learning activities. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

लकडाउनको पचासाैँ दिन

बैशाख ३०, मङ्गलबार

आजको दिन पनि कायाकैरनसँग सुरु भयो । तर ओछ्यान भने बी.बी.सी. पछि नै छोडियो । आज छोरी पनि मेरो पछि पछि नै उठिन् । अनि चा खाइसकेपछि मेरो छोरीलाई गृहकार्य गराउने नियमित कार्य  सुरु भयो । आज छोरीले गणितको गृहकार्य गरिन् ।Write from 1 to 100, Write One=1 to Twenty=20, Count and write. अनि त्यसलाई पढेर सुनाउने काम सकेपछि, एकछिन फुटबल खेल्यौँ । त्यसपछि १० बजेको सेरोफेरोमा खान खाइवरी विद्यालय स्टाफहरुको फेसबुक ग्रुपमा आज कति खेरा जम्मा हुने र ICT तथा अनलाइन कलाससम्बधी छलफल गर्ने भन्ने व्यहोराको सूचना सम्प्रेषण गरेँ । तर कसैको केही रेस्पोन्स आएन । अहिले १०ः१७ पनि सम्म जम्मा ७ जनाको रियाक्ट र २३ जनाले हेर्नु मात्र भएको छ । नो कमेन्ट नो रेस्पोन्स ! जबसम्म सिकाइका लागि सिकारु तत्पर र उत्साही हुँदैन तबसम्म कोही पनि  माइकालालले सिकाउन सक्दैन जस्तो लाग्छ मलाई त ! हजुरको के विचार छ कुन्नी ? कमेन्ट गर्नुहोला । आज विद्यालय गइएन । 

दिउसभरि नै यताउता नेट, फेसबुक र आजबाट गण्डकी प्रदेशले सुरु गरेको अनलाइन तालिममा सहभागी भएँ । नेल्टा केन्द्रिय अध्यक्ष मोतिकला म्याडम्, सल्लाकार गोविन्दराज भट्ट सर, रेलो स्पेस्लिष्ट विश्वराज गौतम सर र प्रा. जिवलाल सापकोटा सरसँग कलास लिने मौका पाइयो । आज देखि पर्सि सम्म त्यसैमा लागिन्छ । ३ः३० तिर खाजा खाइयो । अनि केहीबेर अनलाइनमै व्यस्त भएपश्चात साँझतिर छतमा  ताजा हावा खान गइयो । छोरी, बसुन्धरा र म फुटबल पनि खेलियो । आज कोरोनाका पोजेटिभ केसहरु हर्लक्क बढेर २०८ पुगेकामा सबै सशंकित देखिए पनि बाटो हिड्ने मानिसहरुको चहलपहल झनै बढेको देखिन्थ्याे । लकडाउनलाई अझ कडा पार्ने र यसलाई 
सबैले पालन गर्न भन्दै माइकिङ्ग गरेको पनि सुनिन्थ्यो । 

छतबाट कोठामा आएपछि, बसुन्धरा र छोरी तरकारी किनमेलमा गए । मेरो त के काम, मैले सुरु गरे सर्फिङ्ग । 
८ः३० बजे खाना खाइयो । खान खाइसकेपछि छोरीले घर आमा र दिदीलाई फोन गरिन् । आमा र बहिनीले उनी नर्सरी कक्षाको वार्षिक परीक्षामा ९९.७८ प्रतिशत् सहित प्रथम भएकोमा बधाई दिँदै आगमी दिनमा पनि यस्तै राम्रो गर्न भन्नु भयो । छोरीले हस् भनिन् । त्यसपछि  उनको नृत्य सुरु भयोे । मोवाइलमा मेमोरी फूल भएकाले रेकडिङ्ग गर्न भने सकिएन । त्यसपछि आमा छोरी मोबाइलमा व्यस्त भए, म भने Blogging मा  लागेँ । 

Monday, May 11, 2020

लकडाउनकाे उनन्चासाैँ दिन

बैशाख २९ गते, सोमबार
आज अलि अचम्म भयो । विहान ५ः४५ बजे आँखा खुले । उठेर शौचादीपछि रेडियो खोली १०६.२ मेगाहर्ज टुयुन गरी पुनः ओछ्यानमा पल्टिएँ  र व्यायाम गर्न थालेँ । धेरैपछि व्यायाम गरिएको आज । कुनै बेला दैनिक १५/२० मिनेट व्यायाम गरिन्थ्योे । कायाकैरन व्यायामसँगै सुने । सिमाना र कोरोना कै बर्चश्व छ समाचारहरुमा पनि । ७ः३० तिर चिया खाइवरी मेरो पुरानो कम्प्युटर मर्मत गर्न थालेँ । धेरै नै भएको थियो नचलाएको । बल्ल बल्ल बुट् भयो । आजभन्दा झण्डै १०/११ वर्ष अघिका तस्विरहरु हेर्दा रमाइलो लाग्यो । विद्यार्थी भाइबहिनीहरु कलिला हुँदाका फोटाहरु सारै मज्जाका । आज छोरी अबेरसम्मै सुतिन् । गृहकार्य गराउनु परेन । १० बजेकै सेरोफेरोमा खाना खाइयो । त्यसपछि नेटमै भुलियो । विद्यालयबाट डोर विक्रम सरले फोन गर्नु भयो । कक्षा ६ देखि १० सम्मका शिक्षकहरुलाई खबर गर्ने र २ वा ३ जनालाई अनलाइन कन्टेन्ट निर्माण गर्न सिकाई विद्यार्थीसँग सम्पर्कमा रहन सहजीकरण गर्ने भन्ने उहाँको निर्देशन अनुुुसार सबैलाई फेसबुक ग्रुपमा सन्देश प्रवाह गरी विद्यालयतर्फ लागेँ । उक्त सन्देशानुरुप विद्यालयलमा शान्ति म्याडम् मात्र उपस्थित हुनुहुन्थ्यो । उहाँलाई क्विजिज् एप्लिकेशनमा कन्टेन्ट कसरी निर्माण गर्ने, विद्यार्थीहरु कसरी सहभागी हुन सक्छन् , पहुँचवाला विद्यार्थीहरुलाई यसरी अध्यापन गराउँदा कसरी फाइदा हुन्छ, लगायत प्रयोगात्मक एवम् सैदान्तिक कुराहरु सिकाएँ । साथै यस्ता माध्यमबाट शिक्षण सिकाइ गर्दा उत्कृष्ट कार्यसम्पादन गर्ने विद्यार्थीहरुलाई कसरी प्रमाण–पत्र निर्माण गरी प्रदान गर्ने र हौसला बढाउने भन्ने बारेमा पनि प्रयोगात्मक कार्य गरियो । कोठामा आउँदा ३ बजिसकेको र बसुन्धराले रोटी बनाउँदै थिइन । रोटी खाएर मैले एउटा अनलाइन कोर्स कन्टिन्यू गरेँ ।

Sunday, May 10, 2020

लकडाउनकाे अठ्चालिसाैैँ दिन

बैशाख २८ गते, २०७७

आज रातभरिको बर्षाले गर्दा बिहान उठ्न ढिला भएछ । वर्षा भएकाे रातकाे बिहानी पखकाे मिठाे निद्राकाे अनुभव गर्नु भएकाे छ? आज पूरा कायाकैरन सुन्न पाइएन। ६ः२० पो भुसुक्क सुतिएछ ।  नित्यकर्म पछि फेरि सुतियो । ७ः३० मा पो बल्ल ओछ्यान छोडियो । लकडाउनले त सारै अल्छि पो बनाएको छ मलाई ! हजुरको के छ दैनिकी ?आज चा चाहिँ ८ बजे खाइयो । छोरीलाई नेपालीको गृहकार्य (विद्यालयले दिएको हैन । हामीले नियमित घरमा गराइरहेको ) गराउने काम मेरै थियो । बसुन्धराकाे पकाउने । छोरीलाई क देखि ज्ञ सम्मका नेपाली व्यञ्जन वर्णहरु, अ देखि अः सम्मका स्वरवर्णहरु, दुई अक्षरले बनेका ९ वटा शब्दहरु ( याे भन्दा बढी मिसले सिकाउनु भएको छैन रे । हामीले सिकाएकाे त हुँदै हुन्न रे), आकार लागेका १२ वटा शब्दहरु, स्वरवर्णका खाली ठाउँ भर्ने गर्न दिएँ । छोरीले मज्जाले गरिन् । त्यसपछि पढेर पनि सुनाइन् । अनि उनी साथी मोटु (अनुभव खत्री) सँग खेल्न थालिन् । मैले सोसल मिडिया सर्फ गरेँ । आज भान्सामा पार्वती दिदी र बसुकै राज चल्यो । मैले सघाउनु परेन । खाना खाइ भ्याउँदा १०ः३० बजिसकेको थियो । खानपछि छोरी कपाल मिलाइदिन लागेको त्यत्ति मेसो आएन । त्यसपछि अनलाइन लर्निङ्गतिर लागियो । प्राथमिक उचार सम्बधी  एउटा पुनर्ताजगी कोर्स ६० प्रतिशत् मात्र गरियो । त्यसपछि फेसबुक ग्रुपहरु र पेजमा केही कुराहरु अपडेट गरियो । केशरसँग च्याटमा कक्षा—८ को लब्धाङ्क तयार भएको जानकारी पाएपछि  वेबसाइटबाट पनि नतिजा हेर्न मिल्ने बनाउने सल्लाह भयो । विद्यालयमा पुग्दा केशर सर र ज्ञानराज सर अगडि नै पुगेर तयारीमा लाग्नु भएको थियो । मैले परीक्षा सेटिङ्ग गरेपछि यहाँहरुले नम्बर भर्ना थाल्नुभयो । म,डोर विक्रम सर र यमबहादुर दाइ महेन्द्र मा.वि.को कम्प्युटर ल्याब हेर्न गयौँ । सिकर्मी बोलाउने र डिजाइन फिक्स गर्ने सल्लाह भयो हामी तीनजनाको । ल्याब हेरी पर्कदा २ः३० बजिसकेको थियो । सरहरुले मार्क इन्ट्री गर्दै हुनुहुन्थ्यो । केहीबेरमा मार्क  इन्ट्री सकाउनु भयो । अनि लेजर निकालेर प्रुफ रिडिङ्ग गरेर लेजर निकालियो र नजिता अनलाइनमा प्रकाशन पनि गरियो । त्यसपछि रुममा फर्कदाँ ४ बज्नै लागेको थियो भने खाजा पनि तयार हुँदै थियो । आज खाजामा सुख्खा रोटी घिउ, मह र चिया खाइयो । त्यसपछि ज्ञानराज सरको सिफारिस अनुसार आइफिलिक्समा कबड्डी कबड्डी कबड्डी फिल्म हेरियो । ठीक्कै लाग्यो । आज कतै पनि जूम ट्रेनिङ्गमा सहभागी भइएन । रामराज्य मा.वि. २०५६ व्याचमा हल्का च्याट भयो नारायण सरसँग । सर साथीहरु जुडाउन जोडतोडले लाग्नु भएको छ । मैले त्यत्ति सहयोग गर्न पनि पाएको छैन । आज पनि ३ जना साथीहरु गणेश कार्की, टोपला तिमिल्सेना र देवकला तिमिल्सेनाको प्रोफाइल खोजेर ग्रुपमा पठाउनु भएको थियो । उहाँहरुलाई एड् गरियो ।  खाना खाने तरखर गर्दा ८ः१५ बजिसकेको थियो । खाइबरी यो डायरी लेख्ने तरखरमा लागेँ । मैले डायरी लेख्दै गर्दा छोरीले बुट्टे रुमाल बोलको गीतमा नृत्य गरिन । अचेल छोरीलाई नृत्यको खुब रहर जागेको छ ! मलाई पनि हिजोदेखि बल्गमा डायरी लेख्ने सनक चढेकाे छ । ओहो ! हेर्नुस् त १०ः१० पो हुन थालेछ । अब त सुतौँ है ! शुभ रात्री ।

Saturday, May 9, 2020


The present situation has somehow changed everyone's daily life style. In the normal situation, I would never have been able to sit on the bed and write a blog like this. Here I am going to write a short account of my today's activities.

Baishakh 27th, 2077

Today, I awoke at 5:30 AM, but couldn't leave the bed. I got up at 5 to six and tuned on the radio for Kayakairan[News from Ujyaalo 90 Network]. Then fell on the bed and listened to the news until 6:30 AM. Then, I got fresh. I had to wait till 8:30 AM for a cup of black tea as my daughter[Bunu] did not get up util that time. After she got up I prepared tea and Basu fetched the water from the tap. After that Basu got busy in household work. My duty was to make my daughter do some study. I gave her to write 1=One to 20= Twenty,Aa to Zz, Fill up the gaps[a__c__e .... . She did well all except some. I helped in difficulty. Then,my daughter started playing with her friend[Motu]. We [ Basu and Me] went to chhat and got freshed. Then I started surfing the net and Basu kept herself busy in preparing lunch.After sometime, I joined her and prepared salat [Chatarmatar].

It had been 10:10 AM when we had our lunch. After lunch Bunu brushed her teeth and went to play with Mayara[ Her friend]. Then she started washing pots and I cleaned the kitchen and brushed my teeth and visited various sites on the internet. After 3 years back I found my first blog which I had created in 2011 AD. I found that it was updated in 2017 once. It took me more than 2 hours to decorate a little bit.At around 1:00 I had a bath, washed my clothes and got refreshed.I also wanted to check my bike but my laziness overcame it. After that I added some new menus and edited some posts on my blog.[ ]
Along with this, today I watched two Hindi films[Intelligent Khiladi and Battalion 609] as well. Basundhara accompanied me with the first  one. But the second one, I lone. 
At about 4:00, I had snacks[Noodle+Pasta]which was tasty but too hot. Then I continued with my blog. In between that I tried to do some online courses but I did not find any interesting topic today.
Along with blogging, I updated my Facebook Group[Siddhababa SEE Batch-2076] with some useful contents for SEE candidates. 
Then there was a messenger call from Hari Gyawali sir, we talk this and that for about 10 minutes. Then I continued updating my blog. There was Parbati did today at our house so I did not have to support Basu for preparing supper. Today, Bunu slept at about 5 PM so I couldn't play with her. At about 8:30 PM we had our supper. Then Bunu and me watched a short video clip about English Rhymes for kids.
Now it has been 9:30PM, and I am planning to publish this post.

Thank you for your patience. I always hope for your constructive feedback.  

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